Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Punk Archaeology: The Book

Punk Archaeology: The Book
ISBN-13: 978-0692281024 (The Digital Press at The University of North Dakota)
ISBN-10: 0692281029
Edited By
William Caraher
Kostis Kourelis
Andrew Reinhard
Download it here or here.
Punk Archaeology is a irreverent and relevant movement in archaeology, and these papers provide a comprehensive anti-manifesto.

This volume was made possible by a whole community of folks ranging from the relentless Andrew Reinhard who proofed this over and over and over again to Aaron Barth who put together the conference which produced these papers. The authors were great to work with except Richard Rothaus who insisted that we include his handwritten paper. (I kid, I kid). Support for the whole deal came from the Cyprus Research Fund, the Center for Heritage Renewal at North Dakota State University, and the North Dakota Humanities Council. Administrators at the University of North Dakota are to be commended for raising their eyebrows politely and ignoring what I was doing

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