Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Open Access Publications (on the ancient world)

Bibliotheca Alexandrina Open Access Publications (on the ancient world)  
  • The Omar Toussoun Collection in the Graeco-Roman Museum
  • Kyriakos Savvopoulos, Robert Steven Bianchi and Yasmine Hussein 2013
  • This volume is dedicated to the Omar Toussoun Collection of the Graeco-Roman Museum. The collection is wide ranging and includes architectural elements, sculpture, minor arts and pottery, all of which have as their provenance the Canopic region, 20 kilometers east of Alexandria. The collection was donated by the prince in 1923, and was exhibited in Room 22, named The Prince Omar Toussoun Hall in his honor.
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  • Ancient Alexandria
  • Carole Escoffey 2012
  • Children's illustrated book.
  • Available in: EN 
  • Alexandrian Sculpture in the Graeco-Roman Museum
  • Kyriakos Savvopoulos and Robert Steven Bianchi 2012
  • The content of this volume is devoted exclusivelyto documentable Alexandrian works of art, illustrated not with contemporary color illustrations, but rather with digitized illustrations of the original glass negatives taken by the staff of the Graeco-Roman Museum shortly after their discovery.
  • Available in: EN 

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