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Ancient World Open Bibliographies

[First posted in AWOL 18 October 2010, updated 29 September 2014]

Ancient World Open Bibliographies
Scholarly Bibliographies Available Online An annotated list, organized by subject.
Zotero Group Library for Ancient World Open Bibliographies

This project is supervised by Phoebe Acheson of the blog (Becoming a) Classics Librarian and Chuck Jones, the Tombros Librarian for Classics and Humanities at Penn State University and the blog AWOL - The Ancient World Online

There is a companion blog at
All materials hosted at this site should be considered covered by a Creative Commons Open license:
Controlled Vocabulary and Subject Headings may become useful as the project grows. At the page linked I have begun to collect resources that may be useful in guiding the development of these.

You can support the AWOB Project by:

  • Creating content
  • Linking to content
  • Improving existing content

To Create a New Bibliography Page Hosted at the Wiki

  • Create a link to a new page using double square brackets - what's inside the brackets will be the title of the new page:
    • Sample New Page To see what that looks like, click on "edit" for this page and look at the wiki markup.
  • Go to that new page and start adding content!

Suggestions for New Bibliographies

  • Use annotations. They add scholarly value!
  • Include links to WorldCat records for books, and include links to reviews, especially open-access ones (BMCR, AJA, etc.).
  • Include DOI links for articles, if possible, or other stable urls.
  • Arrange the bibliography using sections, for ease of navigation.

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