Friday, August 1, 2014

The image bank HeidICON

The image bank HeidICON

The image  bank HeidICON is a valuable gratis pictorial resource for students and professionals alike. Since inception of the image pools generated by the field operations of Heidelberg University, it has grown rapidly. HeidICON includes images surrounding the Heidelberg field-work in South Asia, Yemen, Oman and most recently, Tigray, Ethiopia. These are only a small part of this data archive.

You can call up HeidICON with your browser in English language and log in as a guest. Most of the images are unpublished, or are referenced to published works. In the status row at the top of the page you can select which image pool you desire. You can download the images you desire or just browse.

HeidICON has a browser which enables you to view the images 20 at one time.
You can view up to 1000 images by means of scrolling up or down.
The images are indexed for quick searches.

HeidICON is the solution to publish numerous (6000+) archaeological images which
otherwise would never see the light of day.

Highlights of the collection include all excavated sculpture from Zafar/Yemen and
excavated field photos from the excavation at Izki, Oman

Languages and Cultures of the Near East
& University Library
Heidelberg University


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