Saturday, August 2, 2014

Feed Aggregators for Ancient Studies

[originally posted 1/7/09, most recently updated 2 August 2014]

Tom Elliott has built a set of news feed aggregators for topics relating to Ancient Studies. Each of these keeps track of a variety of websites, blogs, and other entities, and informs you when any of them is updated or added to. Look at the Atlantides: Feed Aggregators for Ancient Studies page, or choose one of them from the list below:

Other feed aggregators

      • is a dynamic Web and RSS Feeds Directory dedicated to the Open Movement within the Humanities, and especially in those of Archaeology and History.
        This smart Open service, that in real time aggregates and connects info about Openness from across the web, aims to: put everything in a context via an automated system of tagging, make this context searchable via an advanced search engine, and available to users via subscription to different XML Feeds.
    •  Archaeoweb
      • From Hembo Pagi: "As Google Reader is about to disappear soon I thought that I should set up a small website for myself where i can follow all the archaeology and technology related blogs. So I did I have collected about 40 blogs at the moment. If you run a blog and wish to share it with me (and rest of the world) please submit it via the form on the page."
    • Digital Data Interest Group News Feed
      • This feed aggregates sources of interest to professional archaeologists concerned with the creation, use, dissemination and preservation of digital content. Eric Kansa created this feed on behalf of the Society for American Archaeology's (SAA) Digital Data Interest Group (DDIG). IMPORTANT NOTE: The content expressed on this feed are not those of SAA. Links contained on this feed do not constitute endorsement of those linked sites.
    Do you use or know of other feed aggregators useful for ancient world studies? Let me know!

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