Friday, August 22, 2014

Call for Collaboration: Are you an Ancient Geek?

Call for Collaboration: Are you an Ancient Geek?
Dear Classicists,

Our eLearning team in the Digital Humanities department at the University of Leipzig (Germany) wishes to learn more about which methods of teaching Ancient Greek are most effective and engaging for learners.  For this reason we have put together a TEST and short survey that we would love you to take in order to help us in our research.

If you can spare a few minutes, please click on the following link and you will be able to easily take the test:

The test will be a lot easier to take if you are familiar with Ancient Greek grammar! You may answer as many or as few questions you like and at any point in the test you can skip to the end survey.
Thank you ever so much for your time and help!

Warm Regards,
The Leipzig eLearning Team

Digital Humanities
Department of Computer Science
University of Leipzig
Augustusplatz 10-11
04109 Leipzig, Germany

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