Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Les Annales Archeologiques Arabes Syriennes (AAAS)

The Syrian Ministry of Culture announced today the appearance of a double issues (Volumes 53 and 54) of  Les Annales Archeologiques Arabes Syriennes (AAAS). They are at present unable to make it available online in open access as they had been doing with recent volumes. The website they had been using as a platform for a variety of open access publishing, Studia Orontica, is no longer functional, in great measure because of the death of the man responsible for the site, Bassel Shehadeh, film-maker and activist in the Syrian uprising. He was killed in Homs on May 28, 2012.

The original set of open access volumes of AAAS are accessible at the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine,  as is much of the other content of the Studia Orontica website.

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