Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Drunk Archaeology

Drunk Archaeology  
Drunk Archaeology is the podcast featuring archaeologists doing what they do: drinking & talking shop. Join us! 
Welcome to the Drunk Archaeology tumblr for the DA podcast which will premier late in July 2014. Modeled loosely after the wildly popular Drunk History series, Drunk Archaeology will initially be an audio-only podcast featuring archaeologists doing what they do best: drinking and then talking shop. Each week will feature either a one-on-one interview with a drunk archaeologist, or a panel of drunk archaeologists tackling questions about archaeology, cultural heritage, higher education, and theory, not to mention various retellings of ancient tales and a sharing of secrets divulged only by the drunk.

Andrew Reinhard, punk archaeologist without borders, archaeological publisher, and archaeological gamer, will host the podcast each week. Episodes will feature in-depth, drunken discussion, a drunk lightning round of questions, drunk archaeology sing-a-longs, drunk name-that-archaeologist contests, and much, much more. Podcasts will be hosted on Soundcloud and linked to the tumblr and to Twitter. Ultimately there will be YouTube videos, as well as a free podcast channel via iTunes.
If you would like to be on a Drunk Archaeology panel, or want to be interviewed by Andrew on a variety of archaeological topics, or if you have topics or questions that you’d love to have drunk archaeologists answer, send an email to drunkarchaeology@gmail.com. Archaeology-inspired cocktail recipes are also welcome.



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