Tuesday, July 1, 2014

ASCSA News: Tour the Agora with a New App and Ebook

by Andrew Reinhard

For the summer season, the ASCSA is happy to announce a new app and interactive Ebook to help you explore the Agora with content from The Athenian Agora: Site Guide.
Field Trip
The ASCSA has partnered with Google to take you on a tour of the Agora on-site—on your phone. iPhone, Android, and Google Glass* users can download the free Field Trip app from the iTunes and Google Play stores, tick the box for ASCSA content, and then walk around the Agora. You will be notified by your device’s GPS when you approach any of 64 Agora monuments. View images, descriptions, links to more information on ascsa.net, and related Hesperia articles. Field Trip frees you to tour the Agora however you like in whatever direction you choose.
Field Trip for iPhone
Field Trip for Android
*Field Trip on Google Glass includes voice-activation. Internet connection (WiFi or 3G/4G) required for use on all devices.
Interactive Ebook
The Athenian Agora: Site Guide is also available now as an interactive Ebook for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices (and computers, too) with no Internet required for basic use. Go beyond standard Ebooks with these special features:
  •     Interactive plan of the Agora allows you to zoom in on monuments to see what's nearby.
  •     Read about any monument in any order.
  •     View image slideshows and zoom in on any image for details in high-resolution.
  •     Search for what interests you and add your own comments.
  •     See monuments in Google Maps satellite view.*
  •     When using in the Agora, see where you are on the map and what's nearby.*
  •     Read related Hesperia articles online.*
  •     Link to additional, in-depth information on many monuments on ascsa.net.*
*Requires Internet connection (WiFi or 3G/4G)
This edition of the Agora Site Guide is perfect for tours, students groups, and classes. Use on-site, in the classroom, at home, in the air, and on the bus.
Download here (free sample chapter available)
Watch for Ancient Corinth: A Guide to the Site and Museum on Field Trip and as an interactive Ebook later in 2014.
Questions? Email Andrew Reinhard, Director of Publications

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  1. The journey to agora will be more interesting while getting the various apps, documentary, maps & online article. Thanks for this informative post.