Monday, May 26, 2014

Recent Open Access Dissertations from PQDT Open

The following list is a selection of recent open access dissertations from Open Access ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT Open).  My sense is that this resource will be particularly useful in places (particularly outside the USA) where UMI Dissertations are not routinely licensed though university libraries.  This list is by no means complete. I urge you to search the database yourself.

Virtue and veiling: Perspectives from ancient to Abbasid times by Dossani, Khairunessa, M.A.  San Jose State University. 2013: 146 pages; 1547087.
The Yalahau Regional Wetland Survey: Ancient Maya Land Use in Northern Quintana Roo, Mexico by Leonard, Daniel Ian, Ph.D.  University of California, Riverside. 2013: 695 pages; 3600580.
Ancient sedimentary fill of the Waucobi Lake Beds as an archive owens valley, California tectonics and climate by De Masi, Conni L., M.S.  California State University, Long Beach. 2013: 104 pages; 1527312.
Using Ancient and Modern Fishes to Track Environmental Change in the Illinois River by Little, Kayla, M.S.  Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. 2013: 75 pages; 1545516.
Matriarchy in Minoan Crete: A perspective from archaeomythology and modern matriarchal studies by Cichon, Joan Marie, Ph.D.  California Institute of Integral Studies. 2013: 564 pages; 3606922.
The decline of Egyptian sea power: The intersection of economic and political influence in the third century B.C. by Blanchard, Heather D., M.A.  California State University, Long Beach. 2013: 126 pages; 1527360.
Prehispanic Water Management at Takalik Abaj, Guatemala by Alfaro, Alicia E., M.A.  University of South Florida. 2013: 274 pages; 1547711.
Animacy, Symbolism, and Feathers from Mantle's Cave, Colorado by Sommer, Caitlin Ariel, M.A.  University of Colorado at Boulder. 2013: 257 pages; 1539391.
Using the visual to "see" absence: The case of Thessaloniki by Stein, Nancy Carol, Ph.D.  Florida Atlantic University. 2013: 210 pages; 3571437.
Evaluation of Dentition and Mandibular Morphology of Egyptian Mummies through Computed Tomography by Li, Michael C., M.S.  University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry. 2013: 68 pages; 1550284.
The Getty cup: Embassy to Achilles by Letellier, Tina Y., M.A.  California State University, Long Beach. 2013: 124 pages; 1524134.
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