Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Newly Open Access Journal: Modares Archaeological Research

Modares Archaeological Research

[n.b. This is the first journal I have seen to use academia.edu as  a platform for all online content. I am unable to find another location for the journal]
Semiannual Journal of Archaeology, Art History and Interdisciplinary Studies
Journal of Scientific Union of Archeology
University of Tarbiat Modares (TMU)

Editor-in-Chief: Shokouh Khosravi.

Adviser Board: Sajjad Alibaigi, Saeed Amirhajloo, Meisam Nikzad,
Mousa Sabzi Do’abi, Sara Saghaee.

Address: Scientific Union of Archaeology, Faculty of Humanities, University of Tarbiat Modares (TMU), Chamran Highway with Al-Ahmad  Crossroads, Tehran, Iran.

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