Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Roman Cult of Mithras

The Roman Cult of Mithras
The Roman deity Mithras is one of those ancient deities about whose myth and cult we know little. No description of his mysteries has come down to us, nor any certain idea of the cult myth. Most of what we know for certain we learn from monuments and archaeology.
The purpose of these pages is to assist the general reader. The intention is primarily to make sources available, or accessible. The intention is to avoid promoting any particular opinion about Mithras or about Mithraic studies. Rather the intention is to provide as much primary data as possible, and enough information about the secondary data, to permit a reasonable person to form his own conclusions.
These pages make no claim to scholarship, or to anything other than a greater access to the sources than most people. Wherever possible the references will be linked to some online Google Books preview, so that the reader may verify for himself what the source says, and whether the statement made is a fair discussion of it...

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