Tuesday, April 1, 2014


 Michael Hendry
The Ancient Jokes page provides a daily joke quoted from a Greek or Roman author. In each case, I give the original text, a translation, and such notes as are necessary to understand the author's point. A new joke will be added every day, around midnight Eastern U.S. time. Days missed through sickness or pressure of other work will be filled in retroactively in the archive files as soon as possible. Whether there are more than 365 ancient jokes that are at all funny, particularly in English translation, remains to be seen. Old jokes will be kept on file for later perusal.

Since I give the original text of each joke in Greek or Latin, along with the translation and notes..  Sources will also be listed, though you may have to go back to the first joke from the source to find the complete information.  Translations are my own unless otherwise noted.

  February 2006 (jokes 93—)
January 2001/2006 (jokes 62-92)
December 2000 (jokes 31-61)
November 2000 (jokes 1-30).

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