Friday, April 18, 2014

Wikimedia Commons: Media contributed by the Brooklyn Museum

In early April 2014 the Brooklyn Museum removed all its images from flickr. They now appear in Wikimedia Commons. Shelly Bernstein, Vice Director for Digital Engagement & Technology at the Brooklyn Museum, explains.

Wikimedia Commons: Media contributed by the Brooklyn Museum


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The original posting 10 November 2013] was as follows:

The Brooklyn Museum flickr Photostream
The mission of the Brooklyn Museum is to act as a bridge between the rich artistic heritage of world cultures, as embodied in its collections, and the unique experience of each visitor. Dedicated to the primacy of the visitor experience, committed to excellence in every aspect of its collections and programs, and drawing on both new and traditional tools of communication, interpretation, and presentation, the Museum aims to serve its diverse public as a dynamic, innovative, and welcoming center for learning through the visual arts. 
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Photography is allowed in the Museum so long as the images are taken using existing light only (no flash) and are for personal, non-commercial use. Photography is often restricted in special exhibition galleries; please consult with the Visitor Center upon arrival.

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