Thursday, October 24, 2013

Logeion is now an app for iOS 7 devices

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What was only (?) a website for Greek and Latin diction at is now also available as an app for iOS 7 devices: 

(searching for Logeion will likely not yet yield results in the App Store; things will need to propagate to its indices. For now, use the direct link above)

For those with older systems, Lexiphanes (for Greek) and Lexidium (Latin) are still excellent substitutes. 

What's in Logeion: LSJ, Autenrieth, Lewis & Short, and much more for the low low price of FREE. Brought to you thanks to the Perseus Project's (Tufts University) policy to license its materials generously, and to Josh Day's labors to wrap it in a convenient package for iOS devices. 

Helma Dik
Department of Classics
University of Chicago

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