Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Linked Data Vocabularies for Cultural Heritage

Heritage Data: Linked Data Vocabularies for Cultural Heritage
National cultural heritage thesauri and vocabularies have acted as standards for use by both national organizations and local authority Historic Environment Records but until now have lacked the persistent Linked Open Data (LOD) URIs that would allow them to act as vocabulary hubs for the Web of Data. The AHRC funded SENESCHAL project aims to make such vocabularies available online as Semantic Web resources. SENESCHAL will start with major vocabularies as exemplars and project partners will continue to make other vocabularies available. Other organizations are welcome to make use of the data and services which will be open licensed.

RESTful web services will be developed for the project to make the vocabulary resources programmatically accessible and searchable. These will include the provision to ‘feed back’ new terms (concepts) suggested by users. A series of case studies will explore use of these web services, in collaboration with the project partners.

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