Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Birmingham Egyptology - Virtual Museum

Birmingham Egyptology - Virtual Museum
During Spring 2013 Birmingham Egyptology discussed the topic of virtual museums at the fortnightly forum. Through this debate it was realised that no clear definition of a ‘virtual museum’ existed  and that the digital world could allow those interested in displaying objects to present their findings in new and innovative ways. There were however, no online platforms allowing research to be submitted to a virtual museum. Therefore Birmingham Egyptology decided to create this platform for those people researching objects thereby enabling them to submit their virtual exhibitions. There are only two things needed to create an online exhibition; interpretation and digitization. If you would like the chance to present your research on this platform please email for details ( Each virtual exhibition presented here reflects the creator’s interpretation of a virtual exhibition.

3D models are available in pdf format linked to some of the objects presented. These images are interactive and can be moved by right-clicking the cursor over the image or scrolling to zoom. Click both buttons of the mouse together to drag the image. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files, this can be downloaded for free at you are having trouble viewing the files please left-click and save the files to your desktop and open in Adobe Reader from there. Please note: these are 11MB files and may take some time to open - please be patient.

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