Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A Concise Dictionary of Akkadian: Addenda, corrigenda, and supporting bibliography

[First posted in AWOL 11 July 2013, updated 27 December 2017]

A Concise Dictionary of Akkadian: Addenda, corrigenda, and supporting bibliography
A Concise Dictionary of Akkadian, edited by Jeremy Black, Andrew George, and Nicholas Postgate, with the assistance of Tina Breckwoldt, Graham Cunningham, Marie-Christine Ludwig, Clemens Reichel, Jonathan Blanchard Smith, Junko Taniguchi and Cornelia Wunsch, was published in Wiesbaden in 1999 by Harrassowitz Verlag, and reprinted the following year with minor corrections. This archive is intended to act as a supplement to the dictionary, fulfilling several functions as described below. It is up-dated periodically, about once a year. Proposals are welcomed for improvements and additional entries (address below). Where these are adopted, they will be appropriately attributed and dated.
In the preparation of the dictionary, the pressure of time made it impossible to take full account of all the material in the reviews of the two dictionaries and in the AfO listings, although a fair amount was incorporated from these sources.  An attempt will be made here to remedy this, and also to revise any letters which have since appeared in CAD (from R onwards). Reviews of the CDA will also be taken into account. Eventually, the material on this website will hopefully feed into a second edition of the dictionary, so that the website functions as a rolling preview of the second edition.
This archive, originally hosted at, was created by J. N. Postgate, with the editorial assistance of Dr Simon J. Sherwin and technical advice from Dr Guy Deutscher and Dr Eleanor Robson. Grateful thanks are due to all who gave advice. The archive is currently maintained by Martin Worthington
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