Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hephaistos Text Online

Hephaistos Text: Free, open and collaborative study of the ancient world
Hephaistos Text is a springboard for free, open, and collaborative scholarship in the discipline of Classics and related ancient fields. This website hosts forward–looking projects that aim to facilitate scholarly group work, disseminate previously unavailable material, and involve a wider audience in the ancient world.
A selection of our ongoing projects (more can be found under the Projects tab above):

  • The Libanius Translation Project is a collaborative translation of the Declamations of Libanius of Antioch into English, many of which have never been translated. It is led by Amit Shilo and Kyle Johnson.
  • The Plato's Protagoras is a new translation with collective input, led by Dhananjay Jagannathan.
  • The Ancient Greek Social Media Project, led by Amit Shilo, posts videos of historical performances, notifications of current runs, and scholarly articles about Greek drama on social networking sites. It is currently posting weekly under "Greek Tragedy" and "Ancient Greek Tragedy" on Facebook, as well as "Greek_Tragedy" on Twitter. It is aimed at promoting a higher profile, wider audience, and deeper understanding of Greek drama in an age of instant communication.
  • The Ancient Greek 101 Podcast, led by Amit Shilo, will make available an entire university–level Ancient Greek course online for all to use freely.
  • The Ancient Medical World Project is a collaborative translation project of previously untranslated medical texts, such as much of Galen. Additionally, it will bring together medical texts from across cultures in the original and translation to foster interconnections in their study and encourage understanding the ancient world as a whole. It is led by Amit Shilo and Kyle Johnson.

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