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the lithics site

"the lithics site": a resource for archaeological lithic analysts
This resource has been published in issue 22, spring 1999, of Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship. For its publication, many revisions were made to this site. I have not marked them, but will mark changes from June 1st, 1999. 
Please note that much of this information is located on other websites. I endeavour to link to useful and informative pages, but neither I, nor the University at Buffalo is responsible for their content, nor should their presence in this resource be considered an evaluation of their accuracy. Caveat lector!!

Table of Contents

  1. General Web Sites
    1. Archaeology
      (general & lithic meta-sites, dictionaries & glossaries)
    2. Relevant Earth Science References:
      (meta-sites, dictionaries, maps, databases & collections, USGS, etc.)
    3. Inter-/ Cross- Disciplinary Science
  2. Conferences
  3. Research Projects & Initiatives
  4. Literature & Databases
    1. Libraries & Library Resources
    2. Bibliographies
    3. Periodicals
    4. Book & Article Links
    5. Radio & TV Shows
    6. Newspaper Story Links
    7. Databases
  5. Relevant Educational & Institutional Sites
    1. Academic Departments with Relevant Resources
    2. Archaeological Courses on Lithics
    3. Research Centers & Laboratories
    4. Geological Surveys
    5. Organisations & Associations
  6. Electronic Fora (discussion lists and newsgroups)
  7. Technology Concerns (incl. knapping & replication studies)
  8. Prehistoric Cultural & Artifact Information & Theories (incl. artifacts & point typologies)
  9. Geological Sources, Samples, & Procurement
  10. "Images on Stone" / Rock Art Sites
  11. Software & Data
  12. Commercial Concerns (no artifacts!)
  13. Museum-Related Concerns

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