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EEF's On-line Library

EEF's On-line Library
This page is designed to carry Egyptological material that has the form of an article and that can be read on its own (in contrast to fragmented and informal material posted on the EEF Bulletin Board, which usually merely illustrates a forum debate). 
It is important to note that although posted material takes the form of articles, the articles are NOT peer reviewed (unless the contrary is explicitly stated in the article itself), neither by EEF nor by experts on the subject in question. The intention is that the authors (notably of the working papers) hope to get feedback and criticism from members of the forum, after which formal publication may or may not follow later. Ergo: the EEF Members' Papers section is not an e-journal and does not contain formal and peer reviewed publications, but discussion material. The only criteria that must be met are that the paper must deal with mainstream Egyptology and must have a formal format (i.e. proper footnotes and references).   
  Please note the material posted on this page is quite diverse and is not peer reviewed (see below).
All material posted below is copyrighted, copyrights remaining with the author.
To view the files (PDF format) you will need Acrobat Reader (free). Sometimes the files will be Zipped, and then you'll also need WinZip (free evaluation copy).

[1] Amenhotep III and Akhenaten: An Examination of the Coregency Issues by Leslie E. Bailey (University research paper)
[2] Ramses and Rebellion: Showdown of False and True Horus by Peter Feinman (unpublished conference paper)
[3] IntCal98 Calibration for Radiocarbon Ages of Samples from Amarna by Federico Rocchi (private working paper)
[4] Dating the Amarna Period in Egypt: Did a Solar Eclipse Inspire Akhenaten? by William McMurray (private working paper)
[5] Towards an Absolute Chronology for Ancient Egypt by William McMurray (private working paper)
[6] Deep Solar Eclipses in Ancient Egypt – A New Interpretation of Some New Kingdom Texts by David G. Smith (updated version) (private working paper)
[7] Was the function of the earliest writing in Egypt utilitarian or ceremonial? Does the surviving evidence reflect the reality? by Marsia Sfakianou (private working paper)
[8] Sennefer Tomb Inscriptions by Timofey Shmakov (private working paper)
[9] sAb Corpus Prosopographie by Etienne Vande Walle (private working paper)

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