Sunday, January 13, 2013

Get access to JSTOR now!

In memory of Aaron Swarz
"May a hero and founder of our open world rest in peace."

While we work towards a world where scholarship is open and barriers to scholarship and harsh legal threats to sharing research are removed, please use the leverage you have to make a difference, for instance:

Whether or not you are lucky enough to be affiliated with a subscribing institution as a result of your current empolyment see if your University is listed below, if not, contact your alumni association and request, no - Demand! that they join the program.  And then tell your friends!

JSTOR Access for Alumni

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  1. Thanks for this - I was glad to see your post for Aaron Swarz. I was prompted by the #PDFTribute movement that seems to be starting that I created a blog post which lists the PDF download links for all four of my self-published books, which I had never put all in one place like this before. I don't know if that is a resource you would want to list or not - but anyway, here it is, and thanks again for including Aaron Swarz here at AWOL. Your blog is an amazing service. Thanks for all the great stuff you share here!