Friday, August 3, 2012

One Off Journal Issues: Sickness, Hunger, War, and Religion

, hereOccasionally issues of journals where one might not normally think to look produce thematic issues of interest. Availability online makes them much more discoverable. A case in point:

RCC Perspectives (Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society)
2012/03:  Sickness, Hunger, War, and Religion: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, Edited by Michaela Harbeck, Kristin von Heyking, and Heiner Schwarzberg
This volume presents exciting syntheses between research in the fields of archaeology, anthropology, and history. Moving from prehistory to the medieval period, six chapters look at humanity’s struggles with subsistence, religious belief, ill-health, death, and warfare in a variety of global landscapes, and show how, by sharing expertise and combining methodological approaches, we can advance our understanding of our common past.
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Michaela Harbeck, Kristin von Heyking, and Heiner Schwarzberg

Life in Ancient Egypt: Akhentanen, the Armarna Period, and Tutankhamun
Barry Kemp and Albert Zink

Mesolithic-Neolithic Transformations: The Populations of theDanube Gorges
Dušan Borić, Marija Radović, and Sofija Stefanović

Syphilis in South America: A Closer Look at Pre-Contact Bolivia
Heiko Prümers, Martin Trautmann, Iris Trautmann, Sandra Lösch, and Carsten Pusch

History of the Plague
The Plague—An Introduction
Ingrid Wiechmann

The Origin and Early Spread of Yersinia pestis and of Epidemic Plague: Paleobiological and Historical Viewpoints
Ole Benedictow

The Archaeology of the Second Plague Pandemic: An Overview of French Funerary Contexts
Raffaella Bianucci and Sacha Kacki

Hypothyroidism in Switzerland
Christina Papageorgopoulou, Kaspar Staub, and Frank Rühli

The Ancient Battlefield at Kalkriese
Birgit Großkopf, Achim Rost, and Susanne Wilbers-Rost

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