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Journal of Cuneiform Studies vol. 64 (2012)

Journal of Cuneiform Studies vol. 64 (2012) is now available online to those who subscribe or have access via JSTOR's Current Scholarship Program.
Table of contents

Reading Sumerian Names, II: Gilgameš (pp. 3-16)
Gonzalo Rubio

The Economic Status of Governors in Ur III Times: An Example of the Governor of Umma (pp. 17-30)
Marek Stępień

Three New Nippur Manuscripts of the Ur Lament, I (pp. 31-37)
Nili Samet and Selim F. Adali

Droit et divination: deux manières de rendre la justice. À Propos de dīnum, uṡurtum et awatum (pp. 39-56)
Jean-Jacques Glassner

A Musicological Interpretation of the Akkadian Term siḫpu (pp. 57-64)
Leon Crickmore

Spinning and Weaving Wool in Ur III Administrative Texts (pp. 65-82)
Richard Firth and Marie-Louise Nosch

Hittite dammeli-: Jurare in Verba Magistri? (pp. 83-86)
Jaan Puhvel

Esarhaddon’s Succession Treaty at Tell Tayinat: Text and Commentary (pp. 87-123)
Jacob Lauinger

Building XVI and the Neo-Assyrian Sacred Precinct at Tell Tayinat
(pp. 125-143)
Timothy P. Harrison and James F. Osborne

Critical Review: Zu den vor-Ur III-zeitlichen Keilschrifttexten des World Museum, Liverpool
(pp. 145-162)
Ingo Schrakamp

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