Thursday, January 27, 2011

Open Access Journal: Wayeb Notes

Wayeb Notes
ISSN 1379-8286
The Wayeb Notes are intended to provide scholars with a platform for fast and uncomplicated dissemination of research results from all subdisciplines of Maya Studies. In comparison to other similar publications (e.g. Copan Notes, Texas Notes, Glyph Dwellers etc.), Wayeb Notes is oriented towards concise submissions. However, lengthy or full research papers are also welcome.

The publication of submitted research notes and papers in the Wayeb Notes series is subject to revision by the Wayeb Editorial Board.

The Wayeb Notes series shall reflect the multi-language character of European Maya research and shall give everyone the opportunity to publish research in their own language. Wayeb will therefore accept papers in all European languages for publication in the notes series, although we do ask authors to send us an additional short (250-500 words) abstract in English or Spanish, if their publication is not written in either of these two languages. We would like to stress, however, that research results published in languages with greater accessibility will have wider reception and distribution. Thus, although we accept submissions written in any European language, we would nevertheless like to encourage everyone to submit their papers in English or Spanish.

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