Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CLAROS: Virtual integration of digital assets on classical art

CLAROS: Virtual integration of digital assets on classical art 
CLAROS developed from discussions between European university research centres held in Oxford in 2000, but the concept dates back to the early 1990s, when the Beazley Archive participated in the EU R&D project RAMA (Remote Access to Museum Archives). The development of web technology has made it possible for RAMA's aspirations to be realised.

CLAROS is using Semantic Web data integration technologies and state-of-the art image recognition algorithms to bring classical art to anyone, any time, anywhere.  This is made possible thanks to a grant from the University of Oxford's Fell Fund (2008/9) and to collaboration with the OeRC, Image Bioinformatics Research Group (Department of Zoology, data web development), Visual Geometry Group (Department of Engineering Science, image recognition), and Beazley Archive (Faculty of Classics). In Cologne the Centre for e-Humanities has provided technical support. 

The full CLAROS system will be launched in Autumn 2010.
 ClarosWiki - technical information about ClarosWeb

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