Thursday, November 4, 2010

FastiOnline and FOLD&R (Fasti On Line Documents & Research)

I have included Fasti Online and Fasti Online Documents and Research (FOLD&R)  in AWOL's List  of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies since early November 2009. The announcement this week by Fasti that they have deployed RSS and Atom feeds is welcome, and calls for a fuller entry for these tools.  Subscription to the feed allows interested persons to receive automated notice of new and updated content.  Wouldn't it be nice if they offered a feed by email option, as AWOL and Abzu (and an increasing number of other content rich site do?

FastiOnline: A database of archaeological excavations since the year 2000
Between 1946 and 1987 the International Association for Classical Archaeology (AIAC) published the Fasti Archaeologici. It contained very useful summary notices of excavations throughout the area of the Roman Empire. However, spiraling costs and publication delays combined to render it less and less useful. AIACs board of directors thus decided in 1998 to discontinue the publication and to seek a new way of recording and diffusing new results. The Fasti Online is the result of this effort.

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FOLD&R (Fasti On Line Documents & Research)
FOLD&R (Fasti On Line Documents & Research) is an on-line peer-reviewed journal containing reports, both preliminary and final, on excavations from 2000 onwards.

The journal is dedicated to the proposition that reports on all excavations should be easily available to the general public. It is a peer-reviewed journal, with an editorial board that covers all of the archaeological disciplines. We welcome illustrated submissions, in English, Italian, French, Spanish or German, on recent Italian excavations or geophysical or surface surveys of individual sites. We guarantee a rapid review of the material, which, after any agreed changes, should be published within a month. Two sets of proofs will be submitted for correction by the authors. The reviewers are asked to address the scientific validity and presentation of the submission rather than the scale or importance of the excavation; all excavations are important. No translation is offered, but we are willing to advise on translators for anyone who wishes to publish their text in another language...

FOLD&R Italy
Number of FOLD&Rs in this series: 172
FOLD&R Bulgaria
Number of FOLD&Rs in this series: 0

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  1. Thanks for the article! I work on the Fasti project and have helped develop the feeds. An email feed is a great idea, we will certainly look into it and hopefully put it up soon.

    Its great that so many projects of this nature are now offering feeds of various flavours - the potential for mashing all of this information together is massive (and something we are becoming actively involved in at Fasti).