Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Open Access to individual monographic titles

As a general rule I have not been noting in AWOL the availability of open access to individual titles (except in the case of open access journals).  I do note them fairly frequently in Abzu. Abzu has for many years had a news feed, but as of today it is possible to receive notice of updates and additions to the Abzu database by email as well.  If you wish to use this service, direct yourself to the Abzu Feedburner page, and choose one of the options offered there.  Alternatively, you can go directly to the Get ABZU Bibliography update delivered by email page.

This service will replace the pre-existing (but seldom updated) ETANA-Abzu-news mailing list.  Subscribers to that list are being invited to switch to one of the Abzu Feedburner options.

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