Friday, October 8, 2010

Open Access Journal: Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia

Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia
Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia is the annual journal of the Faculty of Archaeology (formerly the Institute of Prehistory), Leiden University. It was first published in 1964 to present the results of the faculty's archaeological investigations. As such it has become an important source of information for those interested in Neolithic and Iron Age studies in northwestern Europe.

In recent years the journal has shifted its focus from site-reports towards contributions which integrate theoretical approaches and archaeological data. Its aim is to publish high quality research, not only pertaining to Dutch prehistory, but also to issues of a wider European scope.

The periods covered range from the Paleolithic to the Roman period. All articles will be written either in English, German or French. Contents include monographs as well as compilations of articles; incidentally a volume will be addressed to a thematic issue.
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Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia 41

Corrie Bakels & Hans Kamermans (eds) (2009)

Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia 40

Between foraging and farming: an extended broad spectrum of papers presented to Leendert Louwe Kooijmans.

Analecta Praehistorica Leidensia 39

Excavations at Geleen-Janskamerveld 1990/1991

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