Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Online Bibliographies: Anthropological Index Online

Anthropological Index Online
The Anthropological Index Online is the anthropological index to current periodicals held in the Anthropology Library at the Centre for Anthropology, The British Museum.
The Library incorporates the former RAI library and receives regular donations of books and journals from the Institute. Its holdings include some 4,000 periodical titles (1,500 current) in all branches of anthropology from academic institutions and publishers around the world. Over 780 journals, published in more than 40 languages, are indexed on a continuing basis.
The data is © RAI and use is permitted for educational and other non-commercial purposes (including private study). Regular or heavy educational/academic use by institutions (except those in developing countries) is licensed by the payment of a subscription. Commercial institutions wishing to use Anthropological Index Online are asked to contact the RAI to arrange access.
The online data is being regularly updated, and other improvements are planned. New search pages went live in mid-August 2006. Data is now available with accented characters in UTF-8 encoding (unicode). This has been undertaken as part of the GROK: Genealogical Relations of Knowledge project, which was funded by EPSRC and ESRC, to which thanks are due.

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