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Special Open Access Issue of Geoarchaeology: Geoarchaeological Research in Egypt and the Nile Valley

Geoarchaeological Research in Egypt and the Nile Valley

Egypt and the Nile 

Edited by Jamie Woodward

The Nile Valley and desert landscapes of Egypt and Sudan have been key areas of geoarchaeological research for many decades. Geoscientists have worked alongside archaeologists in a wide range of contexts including Palaeolithic sites in desert oases and the magnificent urban centres of Pharaonic Egypt. This interaction has yielded a very rich body of work and has led to the development of new geoarchaeological methods and important theoretical advances. Since its launch in 1986, this journal has regularly published papers on geoarchaeological research in Egypt and the Nile Valley. The 17 papers presented here (and available below as free downloads) were published in
Geoarchaeology between 1988 and 2008. They exemplify a range of approaches, settings and timescales whilst highlighting the value of interdisciplinary research in the study of the human past. This special issue includes classic work by some of the most influential archaeologists and geoarchaeologists to have worked in the region. While there is some overlap in approach and themes, the papers are grouped under the following headings:

1. Palaeoclimates, human settlement, and geochronology

2. Contexts, site formation and the analysis of cultural materials
3. Long-term river channel and flood dynamics

This collection was launched to coincide with a major international symposium on
Landscape Archaeology, Egypt and the Mediterranean World held in Cairo from September 19th to 21st 2010 under the auspices of the Institut Français d’Archéologie Orientale (IFAO). It will be of particular interest to all who are concerned with long-term human-environment interactions in the Nile Valley and the desert landscapes of the Eastern Sahara.
1. Palaeoclimates, human settlement, and geochronology
Holocene climatic change and human settlement between the central Sahara and the Nile Valley: Archaeological and geomorphological results
Olaf Bubenzer, Heiko Riemer


Geochronology and climate change of the Pleistocene-Holocene transition in the Darb el Arba'in Desert, Eastern Sahara
C. Vance Haynes Jr.


Holocene playa deposits of Farafra Oasis, Egypt, and their palaeoclimatic and geoarchaeological significance
F. A. Hassan, B. Barich, M. Mahmoud, M. A. Hemdan


Geoarchaeology of the Holocene climatic optimum at Nabta Playa, Southwestern Desert, Egypt
Romuald Schild, Fred Wendorf


Wadi Bakht revisited: Holocene climate change and prehistoric occupation in the Gilf Kebir region of the Eastern Sahara, SW Egypt
Jörg Linstädter, Stefan Kröpelin


A reconstruction of Quaternary pluvial environments and human occupations using stratigraphy and geochronology of fossil-spring tufas, Kharga Oasis, Egypt
Jennifer R. Smith, Robert Giegengack, Henry P. Schwarcz, Mary M. A. McDonald, Maxine R. Kleindienst, Alicia L. Hawkins, Charles S. Churcher


Radiocarbon chronologies for prehistoric human occupation and hydroclimatic change in Egypt and Northern Sudan
Kathleen Nicoll


2. Contexts, site formation, and the analysis of cultural materials
An Acheulian site near Bir Kiseiba in the Darb el Arba'in Desert, Egypt
C. Vance Haynes Jr., T. A. Maxwell, A. El Hawary, K. A. Nicoll, S. Stokes


Geologic contexts of the Acheulian (Middle Pleistocene) in the Eastern Sahara
Christopher L. Hill


Petrogenesis of artifact-bearing fossil-spring tufa deposits from Kharga Oasis, Egypt
Kathleen Nicoll, Robert Giegengack, Maxine Kleindienst


Prehistoric occupation of Late Quaternary landscapes near Kharga Oasis, Western Desert of Egypt
Rolfe D. Mandel, Alan H. Simmons


Correlation between petrography, NAA, and ICP analyses: Application to early bronze Egyptian pottery from Canaan
Naomi Porat, Joseph Yellin, Lisa Heller-Kallai, Ludwik Halicz


3. Long-term river channel and flood dynamics
Paleorivers and geoarchaeology in the southern Egyptian Sahara
William P. McHugh, John F. McCauley, C. Vance Haynes, Carol S. Breed, Gerald G. Schaber


Stratigraphic landscape analysis: Charting the Holocene movements of the Nile at Karnak through ancient Egyptian time
J. M. Bunbury, A. Graham, M. A. Hunter


Short contribution: Nile flow failure at the end of the Old Kingdom, Egypt: Strontium isotopic and petrologic evidence
Jean-Daniel Stanley, Michael D. Krom, Robert A. Cliff, Jamie C. Woodward


Late Bronze Age paleogeography along the ancient Ways of Horus in Northwest Sinai, Egypt
Stephen O. Moshier, Ali El-Kalani


Short contribution: Buried Canopic channel identified near Egypt's Nile delta coast with radar (SRTM) imagery
Jean-Daniel Stanley, Thomas F. Jorstad


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