Friday, September 10, 2010

Survey results in Boubon (Cibyratis, northern Lycia) 2004-2006

Survey results in Boubon (Cibyratis, northern Lycia) 2004-2006
A Digital Project by Christina Kokkinia (Associate Researcher, The Hellenic East Programme, KERA) including in a preliminary edition the original texts, english translations, commentaries, indices and bibliography of inscriptions found at Boubon in SW Turkey. The website also includes maps, plans, photographs, and a short presentation of archaeological finds in the region. In the near future will be added any epigraphic finds that came to light after the publication of Ch. Kokkinia (ed.), Boubon : The Inscriptions and Archaeological Remains : A Survey 2004-2006, ΜΕΛΕΤΗΜΑΤΑ 60, Athens 2008 (p. x, 193, XXIII pl., 1 fold. map.) ISBN 960-7905-47-5.

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