Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Directories of Ancient World Scholars and Organizations

First posted 2/1/10. Updated 3/2/11 with the addition of the Mesopotamian Directory 2011 and the removal of the International Directory of Hittitologists and Anatolianists (has that reappeared somewhere?  I can't find it).  Updated 5/19/11 with the addition of the Directory of Ancient Historians in the United States and Canada Updated (links checked and fixed, AMESA added, 16 October 2013. Updated 16 December 2014]

I also use the online directories of scholarly and professional societies, which I don't list here because on the whole they are restricted to access by their members.

Are there other important directories I'm missing? What do you use to find people and places in your own disciplines? Reply in the comments below if you can.


  1. We have a directory of scholars interested in the study of terracotta figurines and who are members of the Coroplastic Studies Interest Group. the directory is available at our website http://www.coroplasticstudies.org/membership.html