Monday, December 15, 2014

Egyptian Funerary Cones Wiki

 [First posted in AWOL 27 January 2011, updated 15 December 2014]

Data on Funerary Cones

This website is one of wikis, in other words, WE can edit and update the pages like Wikipedia. 
Editing this site is easier than it: we do not have to know HTML or other special syntax. All you have to do is just type as you like, the same way you always do when you use MS WORD or other tools. 
As for the browsers, seeing and editing with Google Chrome is highly recommended since IE, Fire Fox, and other browsers collapse the appearances.

The owner hopes this site to be used as the online reference for funerary cones.

If you wish to get involved, you are kindly requested to get Google account and send email to me, the owner of this site, Kento Zenihiro and he will invite you as a coeditor (as long as he is alive!).

In fact, the best way I think is not to take this procedure but to edit directly without being "invited" by me. 
Due to today's Google sites' system however, you cannot do so. 
If you know other wiki-style sites that enable you to edit pages while you remain to be anonymous, and do not require us to use special syntax, please tell me.

Do not hesitate to send me the emails. I can always reply within 24 hours.

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