Monday, November 14, 2022

This is the official repository for data related to Bellum Alexandrinum, edited by Cynthia Damon et al. and to be published by the Digital Latin Library with the imprimatur of the Society for Classical Studies and under the authority of the University of Oklahoma.

The files presented here are beta versions. They will be published at a later date after final peer review overseen by the SCS according to the process described at

If you notice something that should be corrected or updated, please file an issue.


  • ldlt-balex.xml contains the canonical data for the edition and Studies on the Text of the Bellum Alexandrinum, encoded according to the DLL Guidelines.
  • ldlt-balex-translation.xml contains a translation of the Latin text.
  • ldlt-balex.pdf is a printable version of the edition. It is formatted to fit two pages to one sheet of A4 paper. It contains the introduction, text, critical apparatus, appendix critica, translation, and Studies on the Text of the Bellum Alexandrinum.
  • ldlt-balex.latex is a LaTeX file generated by the DLL Stylesheets. It is the source for ldlt-balex.pdf.
  • TranscriptionsMUSTV: a directory containing transcriptions of manuscripts MUSTV.



An interactive, browser-based version of the edition is available at This visualization is the scholarly project of Hugh Cayless.


The PDF of the edition can be downloaded from This visualization is the result of a transformation of the edition's XML file into LaTeX through the DLL Stylesheets, a scholarly project of Hugh Cayless and Samuel J. Huskey.


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