Thursday, November 25, 2021

A very special new episode of our podcast, This Week in the Ancient Near East

A very special new episode of our podcast, This Week in the Ancient
Near East, is now available

It’s the Very Nearly Live from the ASOR 2021 Conference With Extra
Special Guests Edition!

A conference you say? That’s right, we’re here in Chicago at the 2021
ASOR meeting with a host of special guest stars. The topic—conferences
and conference experiences. There are some important lessons here.

Part 1-The Ballroom Tapes
Hear what Professor Eric Cline, Dr. Matthew Adams (the one with a J.),
Dr. Yorke Rowan, and Professor Morag Kersel think about all aspects of
conference-going, the good the bad and the ugly.

Part 2-After Hours
What happens when a bunch of archaeologists get together in the
evening, start drinking bourbon and let their graying hair down? It’s
an after hours edition with the one and only Professor James Hardin,
who rather charmingly, can’t stay on script. He takes us to some
surprising places, including some related to archaeological

Part 3-The Last Waltz
Yes, we’re still here at the archaeology conference, but now we’re
interrogating an entirely new crowd about the question of conferences,
namely Professor Andrea Berlin, Dr. Margaret Cohen and Professor
Alexandra Ratzlaff. The questions are mostly the same, but the answers
from these three leading female scholars are quite different.

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