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Undena Publications Online Titles

 [First posted in AWOL 9 January 2018, updated 2 November 2021]

Undena Publications Online Titles
Undena has pioneered the electronic approach to publishing.
The first issue was the Terqa Data Base, which appeared in 1987 as a floppy disk. Several other CDs have appeared in the meantime for other titles, paralleling the paper edition. 
The first titles to appear online, in 2000, were BiMes 20 and SMS 5/1, through the Urkesh website.
We are now in the process of updating our online catalog to include first all titles that are out of print, then going back progressively to in clude all titles in our catalog. 
Through a special project of the International Academy of Archaeology, we are publishing titles in a dual edition, online and on paper.
The paper edition is is sold at the nominal price of $15 to cover only distribution costs.
The online edition is available immediately free of charge on this website.
These titles are marked on this page in red as belonging to the IAA dual edition series. 
The current policy for other titles is to publish the online edition within a year of the original paper publication. 
     The following four titles are also available in the Archive of Mesopotamian Site Reports of SUNY Stony Brook (AMAR), under the direction of Prof. Elizabeth Stone: BiMes 10; BiMes 13; BiMes 20; BiMes 22. 

1978ARTANES 2Field Encoding Manual (29 MB)
By G. Buccellati and M. Kelly-Buccellati.
1980BiAeg 1Interrogative Constructions in Old and MIddle Aegyptian (10.8 MB)
By D. P. Silverman.
1975BiMes 2/1The Venus Tablet of Ammisaduqa (1.8 MB)
By E. Reiner and D. Pingree.
1981BiMes 2/2Enuma Anu Enlil (3.5 MB)
By E. Reiner and D. Pingree.
1977BiMes 3Inscriptions from al-Hiba (6.7 MB)
By R. D. Biggs.
1977BiMes 6Seals and Sealing in the Ancient Near East (3.9 MB)
Plates (6.1 MB)
By McG. Gibson and R. D. Biggs.
1978BiMes 8The Court of the Palms (3.8 MB)
By Y. M. Al-Khalesi.
1979BiMes 9Gli eponimi medio-assiri (6 MB)
By C. Saporetti.
1979BiMes 10Terqa Preliminary Reports 10: The Fourth Season: Introduction and Stratigraphic Record (32.5 MB)
By G. Buccellati.
2002BiMes 11Les Tablettes Sattukku: Leur Decouverte Et Leur Date (7.9 MB)
By M. Sigrist.
1981BiMes 13An Early Village Site (24.1 MB)
By R. L. Solecki.
1984BiMes 16Terqa Final Reports 1: L'Archive de Puzurum (2.7 MB)
By G. Buccellati.
1985BiMes 18Frauen in altsumerischer Zeit (19.7 MB)
By J. M. Asher-Greve.
1988BiMes 20Mozan 1: The Soundings of the First Two Seasons (3.8 MB)
By G. Buccellati and M. Kelly-Buccellati.
1986BiMes 21Insight Through Images: Studies in Honor of Edith Porada (97 MB)
By M. Kelly-Buccellati, P. Matthiae, and, M. Van Loon.
1988BiMes 22Terra-cotta Figurines and Model Vehicles (11.8 MB)
By H. Liebowitz.
1988BiMes 23Studies in The Chronology And Regional Style Of Old Babylonian Cylinder Seals (40.5 MB)
By L. Werr.
1998BiMes 26Mozan 3: Urkesh and the Hurrians Studies in Honor of Lloyd Cotsen (18.5 MB)
By G. Buccellati and M. Kelly-Buccellati.
2001BiMes 27Mozan 4: Gli Opifici di Urkesh (30 MB)
By S. Bonetti.
2007BiMes 28Mozan 5: Reading Figurines (38.5 MB)
By R. Hauser.
2011BiMes 29Terqa Final Reports 2: Les textes des saisons 5 à 9 (39 MB)
By O. Rouault.
2016BiMes 30Mozan 6: Three-dimensional Volumetric Analysis in an Archaeological Context (7.96 MB)
By F. Buccellati.
A dual edition volume.
1983CARNES 1/1Terqa Preliminary Reports 12: Digital Plotting of Archaeological Floor Plans (1.6 MB)
By G. Buccellati and O. Rouault.
1984GC 2The Middle Assyrian Laws (19.1 MB)
By C. Saporetti.
1974MANE 1/2Three Essays On The Sumerians (1.7 MB)
By B. Landsberger.
1979MANE 1/7Old Canaanite Cuneiform Texts of the Third Millennium (1.1 MB)
By G. Pettinato.
1998MANE 3/1Monumental Art of the Assyrian Empire (1.2 MB)
By P. Albenda.
1974SANE 1/1Namburbu (13 MB)
By R. I. Caplice.
1983SANE 2/1Lagash-Umma Border Conflict (11.1 MB)
By J. S. Cooper.
1984SANE 2/2The Discovery of Mesopotamian Music (7 MB)
By M. Duchesne-Guillemin.
1977SMS 1/2An Archaic Recording System and The Origin Of Writing (7.9 MB)
By D. Schmandt-Besserat.
1977SMS 1/3Terqa Preliminary Reports 1: Stratigraphic Record of First Two Seasons (2.2 MB)
Pictures (5.8 MB)
By G. Buccellati and M. Kelly-Buccellati.
1977SMS 1/4Terqa Preliminary Reports 2: A Cuneiform Tablet of the Early Second Millennium B.C. (3.9 MB)
By G. Buccellati.
1978SMS 1/5Terqa Preliminary Reports 3: Object Typology of the Second Season (3.7 MB)
By M. Kelly-Buccellati and L. Mount-Williams.
1977SMS 1/6Terqa Preliminary Reports 4: A Typology of Ceramic Vessels (5.1 MB)
By M. Kelly-Buccellati and W. R. Shelby.
1978SMS 2/2Preliminary Remarks on The Royal Palace Of Ebla (4.7 MB)
By P. Matthiae.
1978SMS 2/5Terqa Preliminary Reports 5: Die Industrie Der Islamischen Keramik Aus Der Zweiten Season (4.5 MB)
By A. Mahmoud.
1978SMS 2/6Terqa Preliminary Reports 6: The Third Season Introduction and the Stratigraphic Record (9.6 MB)
By G. Buccellati and M. Kelly-Buccellati.
1979SMS 2/7Terqa Final Reports 7: Les Documents Epigraphiques de la Troisième Saison (4.2 MB)
By O. Rouault.
1980SMS 3/2Terqa Preliminary Reports 8: Object Typology of the Third Season (3.5 MB)
Pictures (3.4 MB)
By L. Mount-Williams.
1980SMS 3/3Les niveaux supérieurs du Tell Abou Danné, Chantier A-1977/78 (6.3 MB)
By R. Tefnin.
1980SMS 3/4Terqa Preliminary Reports 11: Sourcing Techniques for Ceramics and Soils At Terqa And Related Sites (1.7 MB)
By N. M. Magalousis.
1981SMS 4/1Mesopotamian Guidelines for Biblical Chronology (1.1 MB)
By J. Reade.
1982SMS 4/3The Descent Of Inanna As A Ritual Journey To Kutha? (6.2 MB)
By G. Buccellati and W. Heimpel.
1991SMS 5/1Mozan 2: The Epigraphic Finds of the Sixth Season (2.6 MB)
By L. Milano.

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