Sunday, May 23, 2021

Attic Inscriptions Online (AIO) Update

Attic Inscriptions Online (AIO) Update


AIO updates

14 April 2021: In this release we publish new annotated translations of 17 decrees and other inscriptions from or relating to Eleusis (for a list see Publication 14 April 2021). This extends our coverage of the epigraphical record of the deme Eleusis (for an overview see I Eleusis 68), its local Dionysia (overview, I Eleusis 53, commemorating performances directed by Aristophanes and Sophokles) and the Eleusinian gene (on these topics see also Publication 15 December 2020). Included are two important Assembly decrees of the mid-late 2nd century BC, I Eleusis 237, which probably adapted Athenian weights and measures to Roman standards, and I Eleusis 229, honouring the demarch of Eleusis (new date).

14 January 2021: Today we publish AIUK vol. 11 (Ashmolean Museum) and AIUK vol. 4.3B (British Museum, Ephebic Monuments) accompanied by more lightly annotated versions on the AIO main site. At the same time we publish AIO Papers vol. 12, on the Athenian ephebate in the Roman period; and we issue on the main site a number of other key inscriptions on the Athenian ephebate in the Roman period. For a full list of today's new main-site entries see Publication 14 January 2021.

15 December 2020: Today we publish AIUK vol. 4.3A (British Museum, Decrees of Other Bodies) accompanied by versions with briefer annotation on the main site. These include: three enactments of the deme Piraeus, AIUK 4.3A, no. 1, no. 2 and no. 3; three decrees of voluntary associations, no. 4, no. 5 and no. 6; a decree of the 2nd cent. BC of the Athenian community at Myrina on Lemnos, a decree of the 2nd cent. AD of the world-wide association of theatrical professionals, and a decree of the Areopagos of 195/6 AD. In addition we include on the main site new or revised versions of the two decrees of the deme Piraeus not in the BM, Agora XVI 160 and IG II2 1177; ten 4th cent. BC decrees of the deme Eleusis and one of the genos Kerykes; the decree of the Sarapiastai from Rhamnous of the 3rd cent. BC; and the earliest (3rd cent. BC) and latest (1st cent. BC) decrees of the Athenian association of theatrical professionals. For a full list of today's new items see Publication 15 December 2020.

3 November 2020: Today we publish AIUK 9 (Brocklesby Park), accompanied by versions with briefer notes on the main site: from the 4th cent. BC, a dedication commemorating victory in the cavalry contest, "anthippasia" (adds a new fragment to IG II3 4, 251); a figurative funerary monument for Moschos; a figurative funerary monument for Chairion; a dedication to Pan and the Nymphs; and from the Roman period, a dedicaton after recovery from illness depicting a reclining Herakles. We also publish in AIUK 13 (Mount Stewart) a 4th cent. BC funerary monument depicting 5 individuals, together with a briefer version on the main site.


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