Friday, September 13, 2019

SURVEY: Digital Collaboration Space for Educators of the Ancient World

SURVEY: Digital Collaboration Space for Educators of the Ancient World
As educators who focus on the ancient world, we tend to work
independently on developing our own creative pedagogies for student
and public engagement. As such, the field largely lacks a venue in
which to share best practices and unite educators from sister
disciplines around this common goal. To that end, we are in the early
stages of developing an online resource to connect with one another.

In order to create a community to engage in ongoing dialogue about
pedagogy, it is important that the design of any potential resource
reflect the needs of its diverse community of users. As such, we are
circulating the following survey (link below) designed to query
members of the academy on their pedagogical needs and interests, as
well as the potential utility of such a resource. It would be most
appreciated if you would take the time to fill this out as our
participation is appreciated to help conceptualize the unique needs of
our teaching community.

Please expect to spend approximate 8 to 10 minutes on your answers and
feel free to circulate with colleagues! The preliminary results will
be presented in the Creative Pedagogies workshop at the American
Schools of Oriental Research Annual Meeting in November.

Link to survey:

Nadia Ben-Marzouk
PhD Candidate, Levantine Archaeology
Department of Near Eastern Languages & Cultures, UCLA

Jacob Damm
PhD Candidate, Interdepartmental Program
Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, UCLA

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