Monday, June 24, 2019


Cylleneus is a next-generation search engine for electronic corpora of Latin (and eventually Greek), which enables texts to be searched on the basis of their semantic and morpho-syntactic properties. This means that, for the first time, texts can be searched by the meanings of words as well as by the kinds of grammatical constructions they occur in. Semantic search takes advantage of the Latin WordNet 2.0 and is fully implemented, and thus is available for any annotated or plain-text corpus. Syntactic search functionality is still under development and is available for only certain structured corpora.


  • Semantic search: find words based on their meanings in English, Italian, Spanish, or French
  • Syntactic search: finds words based on the kinds of grammatical constructions they appear in
  • Fast: once a corpus is indexed, searches are nearly instantaneous
  • Sophisticated: query types can be combined into complex search patterns
  • Extensible: indexing pipelines can be created for nearly any corpus type
  • Free: completely open-source and redistributable

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