Thursday, June 13, 2019

Open Access Journal: Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens Bulletin

Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens Bulletin
ISSN: 1833-296X
Parthenon, GreeceParthenon, GreeceWe promote Greek studies and foster wider Australian involvement with Greek cultural output. 
Australian universities that have classics, ancient history and Greek studies programmes (12 in total) are institutional members and Ohio State University is a foreign institutional member. We are proud that five high schools have also chosen to become institutional members, thus underlining the importance they place on the humanities.
In addition to our fieldwork projects, we provide a number of services to our members and friends. These include various events throughout the year, including our Visiting Professorship program and a range of fellowships, scholarships and bursaries across Australia. We also publish Mediterranean Archaeology, a journal for archaeology in the Mediterranean world and organise tours to Greece.
We also support a number of publications, including periodicals and e-newsletters and house an extensive archaeological library at our Sydney offices.

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