Sunday, December 30, 2018

ANCIENT MAKERSPACES 2019: Digital Tools for Ancient World Study

ANCIENT MAKERSPACES 2019: Digital Tools for Ancient World Study
For the third year running…
About Ancient MakerSpaces
Almost all research, teaching, and scholarly communication in ancient studies today bears the imprint of digital technology in some way, yet the growing number of projects and the rapid rate of technological development present a distinct challenge for scholars who are interested in taking advantage of advances in the digital humanities.
This workshop is a space for students and scholars to interact with a variety of digital techniques and digital projects of broad application, providing participants the opportunity to engage in hands-on, peer-based learning.
Experienced digital humanists from various disciplines within ancient studies have developed demonstration curricula and will coordinate teams of trained demonstrators for each workshop station. The emphasis will be on learning to do things of immediate utility to scholarship and pedagogy. The workshop is comprised of five demonstrations and a series of lightning talks; together they will present techniques and projects dedicated to:
  • mapping
  • text tagging, annotating, searching, and editing
  • epigraphic squeezes
  • podcasting
  • collaborative commentaries
  • and more…

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