Monday, September 3, 2018

Attic Inscriptions Online News

Attic Inscriptions Online News

3 Sep 2018: We publish today the third volume of Attic Inscriptions in UK Collections, AIUK 3 (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge), including (section 3) a general introduction to private Attic funerary monuments. More lightly annotated translations, Greek texts and images of the inscriptions are available on the AIO main site. We also publish translations of dedications by public arbitrators. For a full list of the new translations see Publication 3 September 2018. In addition we have begun linking to images of squeezes of inscriptions at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton (Krateros). Links to AIO videos about the inscriptions in the Fitzwilliam Museum are pasted [here].

AIUK 3 (Cambridge) no. 1 - Treaty between Athens and Halieis
AIUK 3 (Cambridge) no. 2 - Relief from top of a decree
AIUK 3 (Cambridge) no. 3 - Accounts of the Amphiktyons of Delos, 377/6-374/3 BC
AIUK 3 (Cambridge) no. 4 - Funerary lekythos [for a father and son?] from Epikephisia
AIUK 3 (Cambridge) no. 5 - Funerary stele for Euthykritos of Eitea
AIUK 3 (Cambridge) no. 6 - Funerary stele for [Th]eokles or [N]eokles
AIUK 3 (Cambridge) no. 7 - Funerary columella of Kleopatra of Berytos
AIUK 3 (Cambridge) no. 8 - Funerary columella of Euklidas of Hermione
AIUK 3 (Cambridge) no. 9 - Funerary stele of Aphrodisia, also known as Epilampsis, daughter of Aphrodisios of Leukonoion

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