Tuesday, September 18, 2018

new Trismegistos Texts, part 1

Trismegistos is happy to announce a further step towards a completely innovated online interface. This time we have tackled the core database, Trismegistos Texts. We have developed a new detail page that offers easier access to all related information (e.g. words, people, places, …). But we have also tackled our search page, and it should now be much easier to search for specific texts in Trismegistos. There is only a single field in which users can type publications sigels, inventory numbers or even names of texts (e.g. 'Rosetta Stone’ or ‘Charta Borgiana’). The algorithm in the background should ideally convert everything according to our conventions, or offer possible alternatives for typos etc. Although we hope to have implemented enough flexibility for users to find what they are looking for, we know that there is still much work to do. But we think it is a good step towards a tool that will be able to cope with any reference to a text, and which in the future we hope to offer as an API and use in the context of text mining or annotation in pdf’s.

Please note that for searches for sets of texts according to criteria you still have to use the old interface or approach the solution through related tables such as Places or Authors. We hope to get something up and running for sets of texts before long as well. 

For Trismegistos,

Yanne Broux (CSS, HTML, Javascript)
Mark Depauw (PHP, MySQL)

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