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Archives Directory for the History of Collecting in America

 [First posted in AWOL 25 September 2014, updated 31 December 2019]

Archives Directory for the History of Collecting in America
The Frick Collection
The Archives Directory for the History of Collecting is a pioneering resource created to help researchers locate primary source material about American art collectors, dealers, agents and advisors, and the repositories that hold these records. The database is a work in progress that is regularly updated with information contributed by both institutions and individuals. For more information about the directory, contact Samantha Deutch, Assistant Director of the Center for the History of Collecting. For other news and related activities visit the Center for the History of Collecting.

The Center for the History of Collecting gratefully acknowledges Melvin R Seiden, the Billy Rose Foundation, Townsend I. Burden, Peter Blanchard, DeCourcy E. McIntosh, Juan Sabater, and an anonymous donor for their generous support of this

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The Acropolis of Athens Virtual Tour

[First posted in AWOL 1 November 2012, updated 29 December 2019]

The Acropolis of Athens Virtual Tour
The Virtual Tour of the Acropolis monuments is a web application that allows the exploration of the archaeological site in an interactive way.

The application is rendered in HTML5 and can be accessed platform independently through most modern desktop and mobile browsers. For best performance use the latest versions of firefox or chrome on windows and linux, safari on macos and ios, chrome on android.

Durham University Archaeology Dissertations

Durham University Archaeology Dissertations
[Many, but not all, have full-text online]
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Number of theses at this level: 155.


AFSHAR, ZAHRA (2014) Mobility and economic transition in the 5th to the 2nd millennium B.C. in the population of the Central Iranian Plateau, Tepe Hissar. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
AL-GHAMDI, SAUD,ABDULAZIZ (2011) The Neolithic Archaeology of the South west of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
AL-SADEQI, WALEED,MOHAMED,ABDULRAHIM (2013) The Ancient Beads of Bahrain: A Study of Ornaments from the Dilmun and Tylos Eras. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
ALONAZI, MAJED,TURKI,F (2018) A Re-evaluation of Stratigraphic and Ceramic Evidence from
the Bronze and Iron Age site of al-Ṣināʿiyyah at Tayma in
Saudi Arabia.
Unspecified thesis, Durham University.
ANDERSON, ARTHUR,WILLIAM (2012) Traditions and Transitions: Later and Roman Iron Age Communities in the North-East of England. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
ANDREW, TINA (2017) Medieval Small Towns in the Central Welsh Marches. Masters thesis, Durham University.
AZZOPARDI, GEORGE (2014) Religious Landscapes and Identities of the Maltese Islands in a Mediterranean Context: 700 B.C. - A.D. 500. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


BAKER, JOCELYN,MARGARET (2013) The Colour and Composition of Early Anglo-Saxon Copper Alloy Jewellery. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
BANKHEAD, GARY (2016) A cultural, scientific and technical study of the Durham lead cloth seal assemblage. Masters thesis, Durham University.
BENNETT, JAMES,EDWARD (2017) Cultural Transition and Continuity in Egypt as a response to Political and Religious Change in the 21st to 25th Dynasty (1076-664 BCE). Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
BERGIUS, GWENDOLINE,CLARE,COURTENA (2012) The Anglo-Saxon stone sculpture of Mercia as evidence for continental influence and cultural exchange. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
BERNOFSKY, KAREN,STACY (2010) Respiratory health in the past: a bioarchaeological study of chronic maxillary sinusitis and rib periostitis from the Iron Age to the Post Medieval Period in Southern England. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
BERTINI, LOUISE,CATHERINE (2011) Changes in Suid and Caprine Husbandry Practices Throughout Dynastic Egypt Using Linear Enamel Hypoplasia (LEH). Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
BINDER, MICHAELA (2014) Health and Diet in Upper Nubia through Climate and
Political Change - A bioarchaeological investigation of health and living conditions at ancient Amara West between 1300 and 800BC.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
BISHOP, ROSEMARY,RHIANNON (2013) Plant gatherers, plant managers or agriculturalists? The importance of wild and domestic plants in Mesolithic and Neolithic Scotland. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
BLAIN, SOPHIE,EMILIE,LEA (2009) Ceramic building materials in early medieval churches in north-western France and south-eastern England.
Application of luminescence dating to building archaeology.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
BLAIR, ANDREW,CRAIG (2016) Early Islamic Glass in the Western Indian Ocean: a typological and functional analysis of the archaeological assemblages from Kadhima & Mughaira (Kuwait) and Unguja Ukuu (Zanzibar). Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
BOLD, RACHAEL (2012) Norse Utilisation of Archaeobotanical Resources within the Myvatnssveit locale, Northern Iceland. Masters thesis, Durham University.
BOSSIN, LILY (2019) New fortuitous materials for luminescence dosimetry following radiological emergencies. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
BRADBURY, JENNIE,NICOLE (2011) Landscapes of Burial? The Homs Basalt, Syria in the 4th-3rd
millennia BC.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
BRITTON, KATE,HELENA (2010) Multi-isotope analysis and the reconstruction of prey species palaeomigrations and palaeoecology. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
BROWN, PETER,JAMES (2015) Adverse Weather Conditions in Medieval Britain: An Archaeological Assessment of the Impact of Meteorological Hazards. Masters thesis, Durham University.
BROWN, PETER,JAMES (2019) Weathering a Medieval Climate: Gauging the impact of natural hazards on northern European society through
archaeology and history, AD 1000-1550.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
BRUNDLE, LISA,MARY (2014) Image and Performance, Agency and Ideology:
Human Figurative Representation in Anglo-Saxon Funerary Art,
AD 400 – 750.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
BUCHANAN, BRIAN,GREGORY (2015) Households, Settlements, and Landscapes in Iron Age, Roman, and Early Medieval Northumbria: A Spatial Analysis of North-East England, c. 100 BC-AD 800. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


CAMPBELL, MHAIRI,MYFANWY (2013) Tell Nebi Mend: Trench VIII. Masters thesis, Durham University.
Cifuentes, Beatriz Enid (2013) BODH GAYĀ: A Study of the Site of the Buddha’s Enlightenment
and the Related Collections in the Victoria and Albert and British Museum.
Masters thesis, Durham University.
CLEGG, CAMERON,BURGESS (2017) The Bones at Binchester: An Exploration of Military and Civilian Identity through a Zooarchaeological Study of Cattle Remains from a Late Roman Fort and Vicus. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
CLINNICK, DAVID,THOMAS,GREGORY (2016) The Band Model: contextualising Middle and Upper Palaeolithic sociality within a fission-fusion framework. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
Colquhoun, Ian (2015) The Bronze Swords of Ireland. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
COONEY, WILLIAM (2011) Egypt’s encounter with the West: Race, Culture and Identity. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
CORREAS-AMADOR, MARIA (2013) Ethnoarchaeology of Egyptian mudbrick houses: towards a holistic understanding of ancient Egyptian domestic architecture. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
CRAPS, DAVINA,DENISE (2015) Exploring New Research Avenues for Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis in Palaeopathology: Interdisciplinary Approaches Focusing on Methodological Techniques. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
CROWDER, KAYLA,DIANE (2019) Early-life stress in Transylvania: the use of macroscopic and isotopic analyses to examine how early life stress affected survival during periods of political transition. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
CROWTHER, THOMAS,GREGORY,WILLIAM (2014) Bridging Gaps through Light: An Archaeological Exploration of Light and Dark in the Atlantic Scottish Iron Age. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
CUNLIFFE, EMMA,LOUISE (2013) Satellites and Site Destruction: An Analysis of Modern Impacts on the Archaeological Resource of the Ancient Near East. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


D'AMICO, ERICA (2011) Byzantine Finewares in Italy (10th to 14th Centuries AD):
Social and Economic Contexts in the Mediterranean World.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
DAROOGHEH-NOKHODCHERI, RANA (2014) Nationalism, Politics, and the Practice of Archaeology: The Case Study of Iran. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
DAVIES-BARRETT, ANNA,MYFANWY (2018) Respiratory disease in the Middle Nile Valley:A bioarchaeological analysis of the impact of environmental and sociocultural change from the Neolithic to Medieval periods. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
DAVIS, CHRISTOPHER,EDWARD (2013) Early Buddhist Monasteries in Sri Lanka: A Landscape Approach. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
DE-GRUCHY, MICHELLE,WINIFRED (2017) Routes of the Uruk Expansion. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
DE-VREEZE, MICHEL (2017) Pottery Ancestories: comparing ceramic evolution in the Eastern Mediterranean and south-east Arabia during the Middle Bronze Age (ca. 2000-1550 BC) with the use of phylogenetic methods. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
DEADMAN, WILLIAM,MORTON (2017) Early Bronze Age Society in Eastern Arabia: An Analysis of the Funerary Archaeology of the Hafit Period (3,200-2,500 BC) in the Northern Oman Peninsula with Special Reference to the Al-Batinah Region. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
DENNINGTON, PAUL,JAMES (2016) Evolutionary Psychology and Stone Tool Production: An Examination of Novice Blow Strength Judgement in a Knapping Task. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
DOOLEY-FAIRCHILD, SIRA,MADDALENA (2012) Material Belief: A Critical History of Archaeological Approaches to Religious Change in Anglo-Saxon England. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
DREW, CARRIE,ANN (2010) Pigs from six medieval sites in Flanders: A multiple methodological approach to the study of their husbandry development. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
DRINKALL, HELEN,CLARE (2014) Expanding our horizons: an exploration of hominin landscape use in the Lower Palaeolithic of Britain and the question of upland home bases or lowland living sites. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


FLEMING, MATTHEW,KIERAN (2019) Identity and Identification: Femininity on Hadrian's Wall. Masters thesis, Durham University.
FOULDS, ELIZABETH,MARIE (2014) Glass Beads in Iron Age Britain: a social approach. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
FOULDS, FREDERICK,WILLIAM,FRANCIS (2012) Imperceptible Individuals: issues in the applications of social theory to Lower Palaeolithic material culture. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


GABER, AMR (2009) The Central Hall in the Egyptian Temples of the Ptolemaic Period. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
GERNAY, MARIEKE,JOSY,CHANTAL (2015) Health in urban late medieval North-West Europe: a bioarchaeological study of Caen, Canterbury and Ghent. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
GIDNEY, LOUISA,JANE (2013) Offspring of the Aurochs: A comparison of a reference collection of Dexter cattle skeletons with archaeological and historical data. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
GIRDLAND-FLINK, LINUS (2013) Investigating patterns of animal domestication using ancient DNA. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
GRAF, JANICE,CAROL (2012) Windows into the past: an investigation into prior activity at Neolithic monuments in Britain. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
GRAINGER, SCOTT (2009) Development of techniques for high-resolution spatially-resolved elemental analysis in materials of interest in luminescence dating. Masters thesis, Durham University.
GURLING, THOMAS (2009) Luminescence Dating of Medieval and Early Modern Brickwork. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


HANSCAM, EMILY,RUTH (2019) Postnationalism and Archaeology in the Twenty-First Century: A Critical Analysis of the Case of Romania. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
HARTFELDER, CHARLES,DESMOND (2016) An Architecture of Industrialism: The Liddell Family of Ravensworth Castle, Gateshead, 1607-1808. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
HARTIS, RICHARD,GEOFFREY (2010) Beyond Functionalism: A Quantitative Survey and Semiotic Reading of Hadrian's Wall. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
HODSON, CLAIRE,MICHELLE (2018) Stressed at Birth: Investigating Fetal, Perinatal and Infant Growth and Health Disruption. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
HOPPER, KRISTEN,ALICIA (2017) The Gorgan Plain of northeast Iran: a diachronic analysis of settlement and land use patterns relating to urban, rural and mobile populations on a Sasanian frontier. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
HUCKLESBY, CLARE,LOUISE (2008) An Anthropology of Conservation. Masters thesis, Durham University.
HUISMAN, FLOOR,JOKE (2019) Wild wetlands and domestic drylands?
Prehistoric communities of the East Anglian Fens in their broader regional context (c. 4000 BC - 100 AD).
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
HUTTON, GILLIAN,MARIA (2011) Roads and Routeways in County Durham: 1530-1730. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


JENNINGS, JAIME,DORIS (2010) Stress Along the Medieval Anglo-Scottish Border? Skeletal Indicators of Conflict-Zone Health. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
JOHNSON, LUCIE,JADE (2018) Finding radiogenic Sr-isotope biospheres: can a home in Britain be found for people with high 87Sr/86Sr? Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


KALKANIS, EMMANOUIL (2012) Reception and Artefacts in the Making of Late Eighteenth-Century Visual Culture: The Cultural Biography of Sir William Hamilton’s Vases. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
KASPARI-MARGHUSSIAN, ARMINEH (2017) Reassessing the prehistoric ceramics of the Late Neolithic and Transitional Chalcolithic periods in the Central Plateau of Iran:
Archaeometric Characterisation, Typological Classification and Stylistic Phylogenetic analyses.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
KELLEHER, RICHARD,MARK (2013) Coins, monetisation and re-use in medieval England and Wales: new interpretations made possible by the Portable Antiquities Scheme. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
KENDALL, ELLEN,JEAN (2019) An Isotopic Study of Environmental Influences on Early Anglo-Saxon Health and Nutrition. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
KENDALL, ROSS (2014) Past Endemic Malaria and Adaptive Responses in the Fens and Marshlands of Eastern England. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
KERR, ALEXANDER,DAVID,ROSS (2016) A House Complex in Bronze Age Arabia: A Study of 'Umm an-Nar' and 'Wadi Suq' Domestic Architecture at the Settlement Slope, Bat (Oman). Masters thesis, Durham University.
KOUROUKLA, EFTYCHIA (2015) Luminescence dosimetry with ceramic materials for application to radiological emergencies and other incidents. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


LACEY, HARRIET,RUTH (2017) Rāmṭek and its landscape: An archaeological approach to the study of the Eastern Vākāṭaka kingdom in central India. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
LAHTINEN-KAISLANIEMI, MARIA,LEENA (2015) The beginning and spread of farming in Finland; and the
subsistence in Iin Hamina, the Northern Ostrobothnian region.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
LAIDLER, SOPHIE,JANE (2011) Contemporary and Competing Vistas: Public Perceptions of Wearmouth and Jarrow. Masters thesis, Durham University.
LAIDLER, SOPHIE,JANE (2019) The Impact of Archaeology in the North-East of England, 2005-2015. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
Lang, James Thomas (1967) Hogbacks in North-Eastern England. Masters thesis, Durham University.
LANKESTER, FRANCIS,DAVID (2012) Predynastic & Pharaonic era Rock-Art in
Egypt’s Central Eastern Desert:
Distribution, Dating & Interpretation.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
LAWRENCE, DAN (2012) Early Urbanism in the Northern Fertile Crescent: A Comparison of Regional Settlement Trajectories and Millennial Landscape Change. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
LEBRASSEUR, OPHELIE,MELODIE,MARINE (2014) Dogs, Chickens and Ants: Investigating the reliability of modern maternal genetic data in retracing early dispersals. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
MARSHALL, JENNY,LEE (2012) Missing Links:

Demic Diffusion and the Development of Agriculture on the Central Iranian Plateau.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
MASON, PAUL,MACKENZIE (2014) The Early English Factories of South-West India:
A Historical Archaeology Perspective.
Masters thesis, Durham University.
MATIAS, JO ZALEA BURAC (2015) Facing Gender: A Historiographical Analysis of Gender Construction in Iron Age Britain. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
MAZZILLI, FRANCESCA (2014) Beyond religion: cultural exchange and economy in northern Phoenicia and the
Hauran, Syria.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
MCCARRISON, KIRSTY,ELIZABETH (2012) Exploring Prehistoric Tuberculosis in Britain: A Combined Macroscopic and Biomolecular Approach. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
MILLSON, DANA,CORRINE,EMMILINE (2013) Ceramics of the Tyne-Forth Region, C. 3500-1500 BC. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
MOORE, JOANNA,FAYE (2019) Death Metal: Characterising the effects of environmental lead pollution on mobility and childhood health within the Roman Empire. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
MUI, SIAN (2018) Dead body language: Deciphering corpse positions in early Anglo-Saxon England. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
MUNDEE, MICHELLE,MARIE (2010) Exploring Diet and Society in Medieval Spain: New Approaches Using Stable Isotope Analysis. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
MURTAGH, PAUL,JOSEPH (2014) Materiality, community and identity: The Iron Age of west central Scotland. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


NAMIRSKI, CEZARY (2018) Nuragic Settlement Dynamics: The East Coast of Sardinia. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
NEBBIA, MARCO (2017) Early Cities or Large Villages? Settlement dynamics in the Trypillia group, Ukraine. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
NEIL, SAMANTHA,ALISON (2017) The application of strontium and oxygen isotope analysis to study land use and mobility patterns during the earlier Neolithic in England and Wales. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
NEWMAN, SOPHIE,LOUISE (2016) The Growth of a Nation: Child health and development in the Industrial Revolution in England, c. AD 1750-1850. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
NEWPORT, JAKE,CHARLES (2016) A Fruity Subject: Fruit Availability and their Uses in the Mesolithic of Northwest Europe. Masters thesis, Durham University.
NISHITANI, AKIRA (2012) Typological Classification and the Chronology of Iron Age pottery in central-southern Britain. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


O'DONNELL, RONAN,PETER (2014) Landscape, agency and enclosure: transformations in the rural landscape of north-east England. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
O'MEARA, DON,PATRICK (2016) An assessment of the cesspit deposits of Northern England: An archaeobotanical perspective AN ARCHAEOBOTANCIAL PERSPECTIVE. Masters thesis, Durham University.


PANAYIDES, PANAYIOTIS (2016) The fate of statues: a contextualised study of sculpture in Late Antique Cyprus. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
PERRI, ANGELA,RAY (2013) Global Hunting Adaptations to Early Holocene Temperate Forests: Intentional Dog Burials as Evidence of Hunting Strategies. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
PETERSONE-GORDINA, ELINA (2018) Living outside the city gates: a palaeopathological, demographic, isotopic and comparative analysis of the post-medieval St Gertrude Church cemetery population in Riga, Latvia. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
PIOFFET, HELENE,CAROLE,SOPHIE (2015) Sociétés et Identités du Premier Néolithique de Grande-Bretagne et d'Irlande dans leur contexte ouest européen : caractérisation et analyses comparatives des productions céramiques entre Manche, Mer d'Irlande et Mer du Nord. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
PIPER, STEPHANIE,FRANCES (2016) Lithic and Raw Material Variability in the Mesolithic of the Western Isles: Contextualising “The Hybrid Industries of the Western Seaboard”. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
PIRISINO, DANIELE (2015) The Route of the Pythaïs through Athens and Attica. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
PONCE, PAOLA,VANESA (2010) A comparative study of activity-related skeletal changes in 3rd-2nd millennium BC coastal fishers and 1st millenium AD inland agriculturists in Chile, South America. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
PONROY, COME,VINCENT-MARIE (2014) Challenging models of Late Iron Age urbanism and state formation in Gaul: The Segusiavi territory between 600 BC and AD50. Masters thesis, Durham University.
POWELL, LINDSAY,ANNE (2014) Childhood Health and Diet in Roman London: The Palaeodemographic, Palaeopathological and Isotopic Evidence. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
PRIOR, JONATHAN,DAVID (2015) The Impact of Glassblowing on the Early-Roman Glass Industry (circa 50 B.C. – A.D. 79). Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


QUINN, KENDRA (2017) A Bioarchaeological Study of the Impact of Mobility on the Transmission of Tuberculosis in Roman Britain. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


RATTENBORG, RUNE (2016) The Scale and Extent of Political Economies of the Middle Bronze Age Jazīrah and the Bilād al-Šām (c. 1800-1600 BCE). Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
RAYNE, LOUISE,ELIZABETH (2014) Water and Territorial Empires. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
REGO, DIANE,ELIANE,MARIA (2018) The elites in the village : study of the social distinction through archaeological indicators, on both sides of the Channel Sea, from the 11th to the 15th century. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
ROBERTSON, STUART (2015) The Crisis of the 3rd Century A.D.: Wage Increases and Inflation in Roman Egypt. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
ROHL, DARRELL,JESSE (2014) More than a Roman Monument: A Place-centred Approach to the Long-term History and Archaeology of the Antonine Wall. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


SAKAMOTO, TAKASHI (2019) Cave Art as Installation Art: Analysis of the Human-Art-Wall Triad in Three Cantabrian Caves, and Embedded Interactivity in the Image-Making and Image-Viewing process. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
SAUNDERS, BEN,JOHN,OLIVER (2013) The trade and distribution of ceramics in the Western Indian Ocean 1250-1550AD

An analysis of current available assemblages from Arabia, Iran and East Africa.
Masters thesis, Durham University.
SCHULZ, ARIADNE,LUCIA (2018) Morphometric Analysis of Variation in Human Proximal Long Bones Within and Between Populations. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
SHARMAN, JENNIFER,ALEXIA (2013) Age, sex and the life course: population variability in human ageing and implications for bioarchaeology. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.

Masters thesis, Durham University.
SHIELDS, BRITTNEY,KATHLEEN (2016) The Outcast Dead: Health and Diet of London's Post-Medieval Poor (1540-1853). Masters thesis, Durham University.
SHOEBRIDGE, JOANNE,ELLEN (2017) Revisiting Rouletted Ware and Arikamedu Type 10:
Towards a spatial and temporal reconstruction of Indian Ocean networks in the Early Historic.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
SILVESTRI, LETIZIA (2017) Caves and human lifeways in Middle Bronze Age Central Italy: a social bioarchaeology approach. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
SKINNER, ALEXIS,TUDOR (2014) Impact and change:
assembly practices in the Northern Danelaw.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
SMITH, CAROLINE,ELIZABETH,HARRIE (2016) The Residences of the Bishop's of Durham: Archaeological and Historical Perspectives. Masters thesis, Durham University.
SMITH, STEFAN,LORENZ (2015) Late Chalcolithic to Early Bronze Age Settlement Patterns in the Greater Western Jazira: Trajectories of Sedentism in the Semi-Arid Syrian Steppe. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
SNAPE, LISA,MARIE (2018) Wind, Water and Walls: Developing Luminescence and Geoarchaeological Methods for Ancient Landscape Features. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
SOULIOTI, ELENI (2016) The Social Role of Minoan Symbols. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
STANDLEY, ELEANOR,ROSE (2010) Trinkets and Charms: the use, meaning and significance of later medieval and early post-medieval dress accessories. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
Steer, K. A. (1938) The archaeology of Roman Durham. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
STRICKLAND, KEIR,MAGALIE (2011) The Jungle Tide:
“Collapse” in Early Mediaeval Sri Lanka.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
Swinbank, Brenda (1954) The vallum reconsidered. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


TALLYN, ASHLEY,ELIZABETH (2014) Quality of Life in Medieval Monasteries and Nunneries. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
TANCOCK, DEVON,LEE,KASE (2014) Congenital Defects in 18th and 19th Century Populations from Rural and Urban Northeast England. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
TREASURE, EDWARD,ROY (2016) From Hunter-Gathering to the Roman Conquest: An archaeobotanical resource assessment and research agenda for prehistoric Wales (c.8000 BC – AD 100). Masters thesis, Durham University.
TREMBLAY, JENNIFER,CARRIE (2014) The Mauryan Horizon:
An Archaeological Analysis of Early Buddhism and the Mauryan Empire at Lumbini, Nepal.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
TRINKS, ALEXANDRA,MARIA (2014) Reconstructing patterns of migration and translocation of different animal taxa across the Indian Ocean and Island South-East Asia. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
TSUNEKI, MAI (2014) Metalwork from Central Anatolia in the Assyrian Colony Period: A Review in the Light of Finds from the Level IIIc Destruction at Kaman-Kalehöyük. Masters thesis, Durham University.


UPEX, BETHAN,ROSEMARY (2009) Enamel hypoplasia in modern and archaeological caprine populations:
The development and application of a new methodological approach.
Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


VILLALOBOS ACOSTA, CESAR (2011) Archaeology in Circulation: Nationalism and Tourism in Post-Revolutionary Mexican Coins, Notes, Stamps and Guidebooks. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


WALKER, JAMES,WILLIAM,PADDISON (2014) Rethinking the significance of the microlith for hunting in the terminal Pleistocene / Holocene: A comparative study. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
WALTHER, LAUREN,JO (2017) ALL OUT OF PROPORTION? Stature and Body Proportions in Roman and Early Medieval England. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
WATSON, EMMA,ELIZABETH (2015) The neglect of northern England’s Neolithic and Early Bronze Age structures in the archaeological literature of Britain. Masters thesis, Durham University.
WEINSTEIN, ROSEMARY (2011) The Archaeology of Pewter Vessels in England 1200-1700: A Study of Form and Usage. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
WELLS, EMMA,JANE (2013) An Archaeology of Sensory Experience: Pilgrimage in the Medieval Church, c.1170-c.1550. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
WELLS, REBECCA,DEBORAH (2015) Settlement in the Diyala and Southern Mesopotamia: A Reassessment of Robert McCormick Adams' Sasanian and Early Islamic Ceramic 'Type Fossils'. Masters thesis, Durham University.
WIECEK, MATTHEW,GREGORY (2013) South Asian Figurines in the British Museum: Literature Review and Analysis. Masters thesis, Durham University.
WILFORD, SAM,MILTON (2016) Riddles in the Dark? The human use of caves during the 1st millennia BC and AD across the British Isles. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
Wing, George (2015) Predynastic Egyptian representations of animals:
The journey from nature to art and beyond.
Masters thesis, Durham University.
WINTCHER, AMANDA (2011) Post-palaeolithic Rock Art of Northeast Murcia, Spain: An Analysis of Landscape and Motif Distribution. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.


ZHANG, RAN (2016) An Exploratory Quantitative Archaeological Analysis and a Classification System of Chinese Ceramics Trade in the Western Indian Ocean: AD c. 800-1500. Doctoral thesis, Durham University.
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Mycenaean Atlas Project

[First posted in AWOL 16 March 2018, updated 29 December 2019]

Mycenaean Atlas Project
The purpose of this web site is to provide accurate latitude and longitude coordinates for all the Early, Middle, and Late Helladic (Mycenaean) find sites both in Greece and in places which the Mycenaean culture touched. This site also provides some bibliographic information as well as times of occupation and the nature of the finds at the various sites. The main purpose is, however, to provide locational information.

Locational Data: Accuracy

Every effort has been made to confirm the exact location of each site. For a complete description of this parameter and of the concepts of Precision and Accuracy as they apply to this web site see this.

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The Vergil project

[First posted in AWOL 10 August 2012, updated 28 December 2019]

The Vergil project: Resources for Students, Teachers, and Readers of Vergil
The Vergil Project is a resource for students, teachers, and readers of Vergil's Aeneid. It offers an on-line hypertext linked to interpretive materials of various kinds. These include basic information about grammar, syntax, and diction; several commentaries; an apparatus criticus; help with scansion; and other resources.

The text

The display text that appears on the left side of the screen is that of the old OCT by Hirtzel (1900), with modifications. Each word is linked to a variety of resources that can be selected from the sidebar. The text initially displayed is always the first twenty-five lines of the poem. The user can then navigate to another book and line number by using the two slider bars that appear at the top of the screen, above the text and resources.

The sidebar

The right side of the screen contains a sidebar that is divided into four sections. By default each of these sections is visible, but each can be hidden or reopened at the user's discretion by clicking on the icon ( or ) in the top left corner of each box.
  1. The Options section allows the user to customize the display. Choices include:
    • Displaythe text in units of 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, or 1,000 lines.
    • Select from among the different kinds of resources. As a whole, these are available in three forms:
      • In-line textual aids are included within the text of the poem and are displayed in one of three ways:
        1. Modern punctuation is simply inserted into the primary text.
        2. Textual variantsappear as asterisks next to any word for which a variant reading (whether attested or conjectural) exists. Each different reading appears as a separate asterisk. Passing the cursor over these asterisks displays the alternate reading along with the sources that attest or endorse it.
        3. Natural vowel quantities replaces the original text with one that marks long and short vowel quantities. The individual words remain linked to other resources.
      • Mouse hover textual aid appears when the cursor is rolled over a particular word in the text
      • Sidebar resources are available in several areas that are arranged to the right of the text.
      Some resources are available in more than one of these forms so that users can consult them in the form that they find most convenient. Resources that involve displaying large amounts of text are generally available only as sidebar resources.
  2. The Reading assistance section contains basic information about grammar, syntax, and diction in the form of an approximate English equivalent for each word in context.
  3. The Concordance section lists every other occurrence of the same word in the poem, including all grammatical forms.
  4. The Resources for selected text gives access to several commentaries and translations of the Aeneid and to a full list of textual variants. < /li>

Release notes

Version 2.0

This is the first major upgrade to The Vergil Project since its original release. The most obvious feature of this release is the redesign of the user interface. New content features include additional analysis of gramamr and syntax, textual variants, natural vowel quantities, a more complete concordance function, the Servius commentary, and the translations of John Dryden (1697, a classic and somewhat free poetic rendering) and Theodore C. Williams (1910, also poetic but in a more modern idiom). These texts were digitized by The Perseus Digital Library. The textual variants listed here are based on the apparatus critici of the editions of R. A. B. Mynors' (the current OCT, 1969) and Mario Geymonat (Corpus Paravianum 1973). The new grammatical analysis is based on that of M. N. Wetmore's Index Verborum Vergilianus (1911), against which the older analysis has been checked.


  • Mary Costigan, Senior Director, SAS Computing, University of Pennsylvania - technical consulting and project coordination
  • Seth Fromer, A.B. '09, University of Pennsylvania - digitization of texts
  • Charles Ham, Classical Studies Graduate Group, University of Pennsylvania - digitization of texts
  • Jay Treat, Educational Technology Services, SAS Computing, University of Pennsylvania - technical consulting
  • J. Reuben Wetherbee, SAS Computing, IRAD, University of Pennsylvania - programming and redesign of site

Version 1.0

After some initial experimentation and proof of concept beginning in 1995, The Vergil Project was created by a group of secondary school, college, and university teachers and graduate students in a pair of sumer workshops held at the University of Pennsylvania in 1999 and 2000. During that time the text of Aeneid 1, 2, 4, 6, and other of the most commonly studied parts of the poem were analyzed grammaticaly and syntactically. In addition, these parts of the poem were provided with a basic glossary and with the elements of an original commentary and other resources.

Open Access Journals: i-Medjat (papyrus électronique)

[First posted in AWOL 19 September 2009. Most recently updated 28 December 2019]

i-Medjat (electronic papyrus)
ISSN: 2108-6516
logo Culture Diff
i-Medjat est une revue d'égyptologie éditée par Les Ankhou et disponible, gratuitement, sous forme électronique. En égyptien ancien, le terme Medjat signifie "rouleau de papyrus". Alain Anselin, fondateur de l'enseignement d'égyptien ancien à l'Université des Antilles-Guyane, fut le rédacteur en chef ainsi que l'éditeur de cette revue de 2008 à 2019. A ce jour, quinze numéros sont disponibles en téléchargement gratuit. Pour procéder à leur téléchargement, veuillez cliquer sur leur page de couverture ci-après.

i-Medjat is an egyptological journal edited by The Ankhou and available for free in electronic form. In ancient egyptian, the word Medjat means "papyrus roll". Alain Anselin, founder of the ancient Egyptian lesson at the University of the Antilles-Guyane, France, was the redactor in chief as well as the editor of this journal from 2008 to 2019. To date, fifteen issues are available on download for free. To download one or several of them, please click on the covers here below.
 i-Medjat n°15, Papyrus Électronique des Ankhou/

In memory of Alain Anselin :

Table of Content :

   * /Editorial "A la mémoire d'Alain Anselin (1943 - 2019)"/

   * /Mohamed A. El-Sayed: Two Unpublished Baboon Coffin Lids in
     El-Ashmunein Magazine/

  * /Sherim Hafez: Iwf-R˓, the ram-headed god with sun onits head – the
     example of the Hour/

   * /Kodjo FIOKOUNA: Les racines sub-sahariennes de l’Égypte antique,
     sous l’angle de quelques végétaux cultivés/

   * /Marie-Christine GRABER-BAILLIARD: Quoi de neuf en médecine

i-Medjat        i-Medjat        i-Medjat        i-Medjat
ligne horizontale

i-Medjat        i-Medjat        i-Medjat        i-Medjat
ligne horizontale

i-Medjat        i-Medjat        i-Medjat        i-Medjat
ligne horizontale
i-Medjat        i-Medjat        i-Medjat

Thursday, December 26, 2019

LatinPerDiem: Daily Latin lessons in about four minutes, drawn from 2300 years of the corpus

[First posted in AWOL 17 February 2017, updated 26 December 2019]

LatinPerDiem: Daily Latin lessons in about four minutes, drawn from 2300 years of the corpus
How to use this site:
1. subscribe for daily updates Monday-Friday
2. Check out our resources page for help with pronouncing Latin and Greek, finding grammars and guides, and much more
3. Tell your friends and spread the word of simple, interesting Latin instruction with lots of variety.
Exemplum regulam praecedit – show them, don’t just tell them!
Our pedagogical philosophy is that people learn language best when they see real-life uses in context, not merely abstractions. That is why instances of Latin instruction are drawn from actual authors and texts, not manufactured exempla (with the exception of Fabule Faciles).
This site is the work of David C. Noe, Associate Prof. of Classics at Calvin College. Click here for his c.v.
What about the music? Where does all that fabulous, bluesy intro and outro music come from on the Moss Method promos, etc.? These are thanks to the  gracious generosity of musician extraordinaire and all around champ Ken Tamplin. Check out his Vocal Academy, where you can learn to “sing better than anyone else”.
And see also AWOL's  list of

Digi 20: Klassische Philologie. Byzantinistik. Mittellateinische und Neugriechische Philologie. Neulatein

Digi 20: Klassische Philologie. Byzantinistik. Mittellateinische und Neugriechische Philologie. Neulatein 
The present project was developed in the context of the long-term project “Digitalization of the DFG (German Research Society) special subject fields”. It concentrates on the digitalization of literature not in public domain, predominantly in the field of humanities and social sciences with an emphasis on monographs.
In the first phase of the project, approx. 4700 titles of programme segments of the publishers Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, Wilhelm Fink / Ferdinand Schöningh as well as Otto Sagner were digitized. In a second phase, further approx. 1750 titles are being included till 2014 by consecutively digitizing all monographs up to a defined ‘Moving Wall’ of three to five years to the current year of publication.
Corresponding arrangements with publishing houses, who act in agreement with their authors, enable the BSB to digitize works protected by copyright and to provide accessibility according to the guidelines of the DFG via Open Access.
The Website provides a full-text search of the entire collection or of the single subject collections. All titles are also accessible with the OPAC of the Bavarian State Library. The inclusion in professionally relevant virtual subject libraries is in preparation.

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Texts Added to the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG®) on December 16, 2019

Texts Added to the Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG®) on December 16, 2019
 Image result for thesaurus linguae graecae
The TLG has just been updated with 50 new texts from 29 authors. Additions include a number of Byzantine and post-Byzantine works from Caesarius DAPONTES, Cyrillus LUCARES, PROCOPIUS NAZIANZENUS, Demetrius MOSCHUS and many others.
090 De oratione dominica orationes v
509 In Juventinum et Maximum martyres
510 In sanctum Romanum (homilia 1)
511 In sanctum Julianum martyrem
512 In sanctum Barlaam martyrem
513 In martyres Aegyptios
2797 HESYCHIUS Scr. Eccl. ()
016 Intepretatio in prophetas Abdiam et Zachariam (in catenis)
002 Commentarius in psalterium
003 Commentaria in quattuor evangelia
3197 Demetrius CYDONES Philol., Theol. et Transl. ()
019 Translatio questionum summae theologicae Thomae Aquinae: De iure (secunda secundae lvii-lxxix)
4231 Demetrius MOSCHUS Philol. ()
002 Circa Helenam et Alexandrum
4424 HISTORIA BELISARII Epic. et Narr. Fict. ()
005 Ῥιμάδα περὶ Βελισαρίου
001 Miracula imaginis Theotoci Romanae (e cod. Par. gr. 1474)
5163 JOANNES MOSCHUS Epist. et Hagiogr. ()
001 Acoluthia sancti Michaeli (e cod. Par. gr. 1295)
001 Vita (BHG 2287)
002 Testamenta
003 Laudationes
004 Vita (versio vulgata e cod. Varlaam 281)
005 Epitaphius ad Theophanem
006 Ad Nectarium et Theophanem
001 Acta
001 Acta monasterii Caracalli
5338 ACTA ECCLESIAE HIEROSOLYMORUM Acta, Eccl., Legal. et Liturg. ()
001 Typicon liturgicon
002 Documentum monydrii sancti Euthymii
003 Donatio Philippi Phlatri (e cod. S. Sabb. 496, fols. 2r-3r)
001 Acta (1054-1264)
5340 ACTA METROPOLIS REGII Acta, Eccl. et Legal. ()
001 Inventarium
5515 MANUEL CORINTHIUS Hagiogr. et Rhet. ()
001 Acoluthia sancti Michaeli Mauroeidis
002 Encomium in sanctum Michaelem Mauroeidem (e cod. Athon. Ivir. 512)
5517 JEREMIAS II PATRIARCHA Epist. et Theol. ()
001 Epistula patriarchica
5518 DIONYSIUS II PATRIARCHA Epist. et Theol. ()
001 Epistula patriarchica
001 Epistula patriarchica
001 Sigilium
9043 <SPANEAS> Poem. ()
004 Ad Alexium Comnenum
002 Lamentatio ad Tamerlanum
003 Ad Venetiam
004 Βίος καὶ Πολιτεία δοκιμωτάτου καὶ σοφωτάτου γέροντος
9066 Cyrillus LUCARES Scr. Eccl. ()
002 Epistula patriarchica
001 Epistula ad Thomam
002 Confessio fidei
001 Orationes
9072 CASSIANUS Arabus Hagiogr. ()
001 Laudatio ad Nectarium et Theophanem
9073 Demetrius TALANUS Hagiogr. ()
001 Laudatio ad Nectarium et Theophanem (BHG 2288)
002 Laudatio ad Nectarium et Theophanem (versio vulgata)
9501 Caesarius DAPONTES Chronogr. et Poeta ()
001 Bellum inter Imperium Ottomanicum Russicum et Germanicum
003 Canon
004 Epistula
005 Collectio hagiographica
001 Narratio de incendio templi Hierosolymorum
002 Narratio de incendio templi Hierosolymorum (e cod. Hieros. Metoch. 72 et Hieros. Patr. 81)