Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Managing Archaeological Data in the Digital Age: Best Practices and Realities" is now available on Youtube

The presentations at the AIA 2013 Annual Meeting session 7G, January 6, 2013:   Managing Archaeological Data in the Digital Age: Best Practices and Realities are now available on Youtube, and conveniently glossed by Bill Caraher at The New Archaeology of the Mediterranean World. They include
Archaeological Data and Small Projects: A Case Study from the Pyla-Koustopetria Archaeological Project on Cyprus. William R. Caraher (UND), R. Scott Moore (IUP), David K. Pettegrew (Messiah College), and Sam Fee (Washington and Jefferson College)
Digital Archaeology and the 100-Year Archive: Experiments in Field Recording, Dissemination, and Long-Term Data Preservation at Chersonesos (Crimea, Ukraine). Adam Rabinowitz, University of Texas at Austin, Jessica Trelogan, University of Texas at Austin, and Maria Esteva, University of Texas at Austin

Ur Digitization Project: Creating a Digital Research Tool for a Divided Collection. William B. Hafford, University of Pennsylvania Museum

The Archaeological Resource Cataloging System (ARCS): A New Practical Approach for Archives, Scholarly Access, and Learning. Timothy E. Gregory, The Ohio State University, and Jon M. Frey, Michigan State University

Providing for Access to and Preservation of Archaeological Information Using Digital Technology. Francis P. McManamon, Arizona State University, Adam Brin, Arizona State University, Mary Whelan, Arizona State University.

Lucie Wall Stylianopoulos, Discussant, on Managing Archaeological Data