Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Open Access Journal: Bulletin of the Israeli Academic Center in Cairo

Bulletin of the Israeli Academic Center in Cairo
In 1982, following the Israel-Egypt peace treaty signed three years earlier, the Academy established the Israeli Academic Center in Cairo, an initiative of Israeli universities and the Israel Oriental Society, in a bid to advance bi-national cultural and academic ties. 
 The Academy is responsible for the Center’s operation, which is financially supported by the Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) of Israel’s Council for Higher Education.
The Center’s primary mission is to strengthen connections between universities and scholars in Egypt and Israel, assist scholars from each country to access sources in the other, and foster joint research. It offers Egyptian scholars and students, mainly in the fields of Hebrew language and literature and Judaic studies, use of its library and lectures by Israeli academics and is a point of contact for Israeli researchers of Arab and Egyptian history and culture. The library is being continuously expanded by the Center’s staff. Researchers from both countries have also received scholarships to enable visits to the other country.
Great efforts have been invested to keep the Center operational regardless of the region’s current tumultuous political climate.
Publication ceased. Thew following issues remain accessible.

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