Friday, September 14, 2018

Perseus under PhiloLogic, 2018 edition

[First posted in AWOL 28 July 2009. Updated 14 September 2018]

Welcome to Perseus under PhiloLogic, 2018 edition

News and updates

Welcome to Perseus under PhiloLogic. It's been a while since we released an official update, but here it is, thanks to indefatigable wrangling (of C, perl, apache and many other arcana) this summer by Walt Shandruk. The intervening years have seen significant work especially on the side of the Greek texts, and some enhancements to the functionality of PhiloLogic for ... philologists. I'd like to thank all those who have written to us over the years to report typos and other errors; or simply to report a server outage. We are glad you keep coming back for more.

If the Perseus mothership at Tufts represents a well-outfitted library carrel, with texts, commentaries, dictionaries and other resources all within your reach on the same page, then the organization of this site may come as a surprise. Rather than reading-with-apparatus, we aim to offer exploration of the texts through a panoply of corpus queries. Because many texts have been parsed by hand, and the rest of them with the computer, you can search in ways that you don't see in too many other places: For instance, search for present imperatives in Plato, or the particle μέν only in lines spoken by Ismene. Looking for forms of βροτός at the end of the sentence? We are here to serve them up. For experienced and post-beginner readers, we also recommend tools that will by now be familiar, I hope: the Keyword in Context view, and the Collocation tool.

We are grateful for all problem reports and user suggestions; keep them (and your donations:-)) coming. To keep abreast of developments, consider following us on Twitter: @LogeionGkLat. Work that awaits: we really want to incorporate more texts, which are steadily becoming available from the Perseus Digital Library. More importantly, we need to adapt the new generation of PhiloLogic, PhiloLogic4, to the needs of classicists (think: navigation that is not by page number in an edition; lemma searches; ...), so that we no longer depend on fifteen-year-old technology. Stay tuned.

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