Monday, September 3, 2018

Lemlat Enhancements

We are proud to announce the recent enhancement of the lexical basis of Lemlat with the Du Cange Glossary.

Lemlat is a morphological analyser and lemmatiser of Latin provided with a large lexical basis including:
- the collation of three Latin dictionaries (Georges and Georges, 1913-1918; Glare, 1982; Gradenwitz, 1904): 43,432 lemmas [including also relations between lemmas based on derivational morphology];
Onomasticon by Forcellini (1940): 26,250 lemmas;
- Glossarium Mediae et Infimae Latinitatis by Du Cange (1883-1887): 82,556 lemmas.

Enlarging the lexical basis of Lemlat with the Du Cange Glossary significantly increases its coverage of a wide span of Latin texts from different eras.

Information about Lemlat can be found at
The database and binaries of Lemlat are available at

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