Thursday, June 14, 2018

Keywords in Augustine's Letters (KAL)

Keywords in Augustine's Letters (KAL)
Nunn, Christopher Alexander, 2018, "Keywords in Augustine's Letters (KAL)",, heiDATA, V1  
 252 latin letters, based on the CAG Online, were lemmatized with the aid of the TreeTagger and the Latin parameter files of Gabriele Brandolini. Afterwards, Lemmatization errors were corrected manually. With Wordsmith 7.0, I extracted key words out of the lemmas automatically. The results were exported in MS Excel where I added an Index and modified the design to provide it more user-friendly. Furthermore, I created a register, which makes it easier to compare parallels of the key words in the letters of Augustine. They are sorted by frequency or alphabet. It provides useful additional information for everyone who wants to study style or content of Augustine's letters.

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